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VideoDrive can search online and find metadata automatically for you. Metadata includes tittles, descriptions, TV Show episodes, producers, artwork, etc. VideoDrive can do this in the background, or you can check the option on the main screen to always show a confirmation window before saving the metadata.

As such, you can verify if VideoDrive found the right descriptions for your video. Videos will be identified as TV Shows if and only if season and episode numbering is present in the file name or folder name. The numbering must be present in the file name in one of the supported formats (for example S01E04, 01x04, 104 or 01-04 to indicate episode 4 of season 1; or to indicate the air date). The part before the numbering is considered to be the show name, the part after the numbering is the episode name. All options to identify TV shows can be found on the TV Shows tab of the preferences panel.

VideoDrive for Mac allows you to easily manage all your videos via iTunes and play them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV in just a few steps, making it easy and fast to take your videos.

Video Driver For Acer Aspire One Q1vzc

Ideal file name of a TV Show episode As an example, consider the following 9 videos that are to be imported. They will all be added as Movies, except the four Lost episodes and the one Prison Break episode, which will be identified correctly as TV Shows. Importing 4 movies, 4 episodes of Lost and 1 episode of Prison Break What if your video files are not named correctly? If the file name does not contain enough information to correctly identify TV Shows, there is an alternative. If the name of the folder the video is stored in, contains the word ‘Season’ the video will also be identified as a TV Show.

In that case, the show name is taken from the folder one level up, the season number is retrieved from the folder name and the episode number is determined by counting the files in the folder in alphabetical order. In the example below, the six videos will be added as episodes 1 to 6 of season 1 of Prison Break. The name of the episodes will be equal to the respective file names. Any possible season or episode information in the name will be disregarded (e.g. Video S01E03 will be added as episode 5 instead of episode 3 because it is the 5th file). Importing 6 episodes of Prison Break Season 1 (based on folder names).

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Videodrive For Mac

Video Driver For Acer Aspire One D270

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Videodrive For Mac

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