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Thanks Shakeyplace, Finally i installed Windows 7 RC 32 Bits without the pci card (via raid sata controller), and after the OS was installed, i put the pci card inside of my computer (canceling the default OS driver installation, and installing the VIA SATA Drivers Version 3249 downloaded from the official VIA website). Save via 6421 pci sata card to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. VIA VT6421A PCI to Serial ATA Raid & IDE controller. Or Best Offer. Firmtek Seritek 1S2 2 Port SATA PCI Card Apple Macintosh Mac OS 8 9 X. Or Best Offer. Free Shipping. In short i am in need of the SATA controller card dos and windows drivers for my pluscom-VT6421A sata controller card it did come a cd but not 100% shure where the cd is The simplest solutions are the best and they are often save you money.


I wondered if anyone had any experience with Windows 7's compatibility with the SATA chipset 'VIA VT6421A'? My motherboard's manufacturer has no intention of Windows 7 (64bit) compatibility for the SATA interface (Gigabyte GA-K8NS-939).

My main data drive is a 500gb SATA and is completely unreachable in W7x64. I decided to turn to Ebay to see what there is in terms of SATA PCI cards and it looks like the of them are all of the VIA VT6421A chipset.

However I haven't been able to find anything that says 'yay' or 'nay' in terms of if they actually work with Windows 7(x64). Has anyone here had experience with this? Similar help and support threads Thread Forum I have a recently newly built PC and I'm having some trouble with some Sata HDDs and getting them to work, I'll try provide as many details of the problem that I'm experiencing and also things I've already tried to hopefully save some time.

The OS SSD is working fine but I also have two Sata HDDs. Hardware & Devices Got a new 3TB HD today which I use as external drive.

When I connect it with USB it seems to work fine. Windows sees it and I can format it. When I conntect it with e-Sata, Windows says the Drive needs to be reformatted. As soon as I start a Quick format, Windows gives me an BSOD That's a.

BSOD Help and Support I'm looking for help in understanding why my external 3TB WD My Book is working just fine with Win7 Pro 64bit. My PC is a Dell Precision 690, and only supports USB 2.0. I have a new 3TB WD Green 'internal' drive. Plugging it in to the PC I hit the 'only 746GB seen' issue one can Google about. Hardware & Devices Hi, My MB supports only SATA 2 but in my city, the HDD SATA 3 is more cheap than SATA 2. If I buy the HDD SATA 3 it will work with my MB SATA 2 controller? Hardware & Devices Three times yesterday my computer apparently locked up while I was watching recorded high-definition programs in Windows Media Center.

Two of these times the screen simply went blank and I got the no signal detected message on my monitor. I have no idea what was going on with my computer at that. Media Center Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us.

So I have a rather nice MDD G4. Its running 10.4 server, and does a pretty great job of housing my files. Currently it has 4x 80gb HDD's in raid, and a 40gb boot disk, I want to 'kick it up a notch' and seriously upgrade the storage capacity, from about 320gb to somewhere around 4tb. I don't need the SATA card to be bootable, thats what the 40gb IDE drive is for, but I would prefer to know how much to budget before going all in for this project.

So would I be able to use a PC SATA card in my MDD just to give it (non-bootable) access to SATA drives? Yes, you can use some generic cards.

Some can even be flashed and made bootable. Not sure about the specific chipset in your link, though. The ones that I most often see mentioned are the SIL3112 and 3512. I've never personally done this. I got my Firmtek card before it became widely known that this was possible.

Do an advanced search limited to posts (not threads) made by 666sheep and use the search terms SATA, (comma) PCI. Just curious, though, why do you need more than two ports? It seems like the easiest configuration for 4TB of storage would be two 2TB drives? I've had my MDD set up that way for years. I've got a 1TB SATA boot drive on the ATA100 (with adapter) and two 2TB storage drives on my SATA card.

One of my 2TB drives is in the rear caddy along with my boot drive. Having that rear bay blocked will force more air through the cooling fins on the CPU.

I have my other 2TB drive in the lower optical bay. Try to avoid using that middle HDD caddy if you can. Filling that with drives will impede airflow. Also, if that 40gb IDE is still the OEM drive, I'd just go ahead and replace that now too.

Even if you're not worried about performance, just get another cheap IDE. I think OWC still has some older models that are new in box for $35 or so. Edit: Not anymore, apparently. Except for 'used pulls', their cheapest is now $80 for a 250GB WD PATA. You'd do better with an SATA and adapter. Click to expand.Well, I'm sure that he is known for more than SATA cards.

I just happened to remember that he has made several posts about the various chipsets in these cards. He is also known to be trustworthy (he doesn't just make stuff up). I like the card in your link. Two internal and two external ports (or four internal ports) would be handy on the same card at that price.

I guess it's just a question of whether or not the Sil3114 will work. Curious, I searched Apple's forums. In, Japamac (another trustworthy name) advised against the Sil3114. However, that was more than three years ago. Would he give the same advice today? I don't know. The title of this thread will attract 666sheep's attention next time he signs in.

Hopefully, he will know the answer if no one else steps up before then. Click to expand.I have a 4-port PCI-X 'windows'-card with Silicon Image Chipset 3124 (and the SIL Mac drivers) in my G4 AGP. While I am satisfied with it's throughput, I lately dicovered, that from time to time, if I am copying data in the background and watching a DV-file in the Finder Preview window or QT, it can happen that the sound looses completely for some time or gets several hick-ups and the movie looks like played in 1,5x speed. I guess it is just the data being copied that is handled preferential by the BUS and so the sound is dropped or delayed. Maybe a MDD with its 166MHz can do that better.

Now that I had time, to find the information, I'd like to add, there are some more compatible chipsets. A guy called flyproductions has done some testing and reported that in forums. Click to expand.- 'partly bootable', he did not elaborate on that. He just said that it was 'partly bootable' but he would not recommend doing the conversion to someone else, because of the hazzle with the resoldering and that the effort put into would in no means fit the outcome, when you have other cards that work out of the box, though not bootable. Oh dare you, I do not sleep with PC components I only hug them But yes it supports deep sleep, though I have say sleep only works, when you select it from the main menu (not via the energy settings), I mean the drives will be paused, but you still hear the fans. After deep sleep (complete spin down of Mac), it wakes up normally, takes about 3 seconds, though.

Click to expand.Yes, indeed!.nodding. SOME additional observations (I will complete these tomorrow): Sonnet 2port SATA-PCI Card 32bit (Firmtek Seritek 1s2):. issues with WD25EZRX (others not tested), under 10.5.8: - Drive is unresponsive (opening folders takes seconds) on 'PC'-SIL3124 no problem - if you select 'Info' in disk utility, disk utility will give you the spinning beach ball forever (esc+alt+appel key say: 'disk utility does not react'), closing disk utility hardly and after that shutting the Mac down, the Mac will blend out the menu and you will be left with the desktop background and nothing happens.

Disk Tool Pro hangs up while trying to gather disk information. EDIT: do not know, what I have done the first time. I tested it again and now, disk utility can access the 'info' data. Edit2: shutting down also takes longer with the WD25EZRX, also after deep-sleep, if you open the WD and want to see the folders, you will have to wait some 5-10 seconds, wait till the beach ball disappears, do not force-quit Finder. Edit3: everytime I use Disk Tool Pro with the WD attached and DiskTool Hangs up, and I close it via the menu, the Mac will afterwards not shut down.

bootable. supports deep sleep (though I had to disable sleep, to let iMovie and Toast end its tasks properly/completely, otherwise those would freeze after wake up, while other applications will still be accessable). additional information on card: SeriTek/1s2 v. 5.3.1b1, recognized as device-type ata, ROM (firmware) Macally XRack SUA100-E Rev1.1 (2 internal SATA, internal 1 ATA-133, 1 eSATA. Only 2 SATA ports can be used at a time, selection via jumpers): - recognized as 'device type scsi' - limited variety of drive sis supported - deep sleep - minimum OS 10.2 or OS 9 - bootable - supports reading complete SMART-data(!), of course only for the few drives supports (for sk-3500 external enclosures connected via eSATA, it will show only the general status of a drive, but you will be able to use more HDD models externally, that are not supported on the internal SATA-port) - the additional IDE-133 Bus can see every SATA-Drive (so far) via adapter and read the SMART data there, too. Chipset: small chip 'Winbond W49V002AP 2408FSA' big chip 'VIA VT6421L 0502CD TAIWAN 2IA2008841' - drivers already present in 10.4/10.5 - manufacturer-ID: 0x1106 - device-ID: 0x3249 - subsystem-manufacturer-ID: 0xcc97 - subsystem-ID: 0xaa01 - Version-ID: 0x0050.

Click to expand.No, I think it was the EARS line that introduced the 4k sectors. I have one of these stuck in a FW enclosure. I had ordered another EADS, but the seller had sold out and probably thought they were doing me a favor by substituting the newer model. I remember testing it as an internal drive and being unimpressed. IIRC, about 60% as fast my EADS drives. I didn't experience anything like what you're describing, though. It was just slower-Gave about the same performance as the OEM IDE drive did before it was replaced.

Via Sata 6421 Driver For Macbook Pro

Still okay as a storage drive, though. I actually have a 1.5TB EADS model as a boot drive in the MDD that serves as our living room entertainment hub.

Via Sata 6421 Driver For Mac

Unlike the the 2TB versions of the same model, the 1.5TB will spin up to 7200rpm if needed. It performs surprisingly well.

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