Turn Off Or Turn On Silent Mode For Mac

Quickly change to silent mode or turn data on/off My Nokia Asha (s40) phone can easily change from silent mode to standard or loud mode, turn data on/off, turn wifi on/off and turn bluetooth on/off, just by swiping down from the top of the screen.

When Apple wanted to bring their Notification Center to Mac OS X, I loved the idea. But after using it since its integration in Mountain Lion, it's been more annoying and distracting than anything.

Turn Off Or Turn On Silent Mode For MacTurn Off Or Turn On Silent Mode For Mac

More and more apps incorporate notifications, so I'm constantly getting sound alerts and banners in the top right corner that I don't want. To solve the constant barrage of alerts, Do Not Disturb mode can be turned on, but it only lasts a day. The Notification Center can also be, but that's probably overkill if you still like the Notification Center itself. To tame the amount of banners, sounds, and alerts you receive, you can go into the Notification Center's settings and change them one-by-one, app-by-app. But if all you're looking for is to silence notifications and keep all popups from appearing indefinitely, while still being able to use the Notification Center when you need it, use the following trick to turn on an 'eternal' Do Not Disturb mode. Step 1: Go to System Preferences Go to the Apple icon in the menu bar, and select System Preferences.

Of course, if you prefer, you can use other methods to get to System Preferences such as Spotlight, Launchpad, your Dock, or the Applications folder. Make sure the first time is always 1 minute ahead of the second time field. In the example above, I put from 10:01 AM to 10:00 AM.

Turn Off Or Turn On Silent Mode For Macbook Air

This format is critical in ensuring this trick works. Configured as such, your Notification Center should now be on a perpetual Do Not Disturb mode. Close out of System Preferences and enjoy the silence. Best cache cleaner for macbook pro. How to Disable Eternal Do Not Disturb Mode Of course, if you want to rollback to normal Notification Center behavior, then simply toggle off Do Not Disturb or go back into the settings and change the times to be something else less constricting. As you see, this trick ensures Do Not Disturb runs almost forever. It ends at 10:00 AM, and starts back up at 10:01 AM.

Turn Off Or Turn On Silent Mode For Mac

Turn off or turn on silent mode for macbook pro

Turn Off Or Turn On Silent Mode For Macbook Pro

So, there is technically about 59 seconds every day that a in-your-face notification might slip through, but if you change to a time when you're always sleeping, it shouldn't be an issue. The best part about this trick, as declared earlier, is that you still have complete usage possible of the Notification Center!

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