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The tight integration with composition:builder – ToolsOnAir´s graphics. Native Apple Xcode development, compatible with the current Mac Pro, iMac and Mac. Fresh products to prepare fresh meals,' explains Digital Content Manager Barry Kroon. ToolsOnAir's just:in and LiveCut enables editors to do real-time. But after a week of testing it was clear that only one Mac Pro would. Just: in multi is an innovative Mac-based ingest solution for single-camera, multi-camera, satellite feed or VTR setups. An expandable client-server solution, just: in multi uses the same intuitive user interface as all ToolsOnAir products and offers crash, loop, batch and scheduled recording.

MY CHILD IS 2, BUT SMALL FOR HER AGE, CAN I STILL USE MAC RIDE? The most important indicators for determining if your child is ready for Mac Ride are captured in the images above (strength, listening skills, teamwork etc).

Toolsonair Ready For Mac

If you are still interested in examining fit with leg length etc, check out this pro image:. When the saddle is adjusted forward (for small children), the distance down to the footrests when the stirrups are in their shortest position is 23cm. When the saddle is adjusted backward (for larger children), the distance down to the footrests when they are in their longest position is 32cm. MY CHILD IS BIG FOR HER AGE, CAN I CONTINUE TO USE MAC RIDE AT 5? Mac Ride is for children aged 2 to 5.

Our recommended weight maximum for your child is 60lbs. That said, we also ask parents to consider how they feel with their child on board. If you are relatively short, and your child is tall, you might find your child's helmet obstructs your view. Or perhaps your pedal stroke won't be natural for you if her legs long. Alternatively, if you are tall, and your child is small for his age, perhaps you'll be able to use Mac Ride for longer. You need to feel comfortable and safe while riding, and while getting on and off your bike with your child on board. One key determination: can you set up Mac Ride so that your child is comfortable, and you can continue to safely turn your handlebars with complete clearance from your child's feet?


If not, and you have done all the adjustments possible to pivot the stirrups backward etc, she is probably too big. MAC STARTED HIS MAC RIDING ADVENTURES AT AGE 2. He started on the earliest prototype, moved through to the Kickstarter prototype, and then, was on Mac Ride proper until 2018!

The first requirement for iOS and MAC OS device enrollment is the setup of Apple MDM push cert. You need to download unique certificate signing request (CSR) from Intune tenant and upload the same to the Apple portal. Once uploaded successfully, you will get an option to download the Apple MDM push cert from Apple portal.

MDM push cert has to be uploaded to Intune portal so that you can enroll iOS and MAC OS devices via Intune. This process has been explained in the above video. I assumed that Intune MDM authority setting has already completed before setting up Apple MDM push cert and configuring Enrollment restriction policies. Video about the setting up iOS/MAC OS MDM management via Intune Once Apple MDM push cert setup has completed then, we could proceed with the following configurations related to iOS and MacOS management. As next step, I would configure the Enrollment Restriction rules for iOS devices. If your organization has taken a decision not to allow (block) personal iOS devices from enrolling into Intune then, you need to setup enrollment restriction type based on the platform configurations. I have a detailed post about restricting personal iOS devices.

Next step is to setup Conditional Access policies for iOS devices (while we are still waiting for Mac OS conditional Access policy). I would recommend doing this at the time of initial setup of Intune. As you can see in the following screen capture, you have a couple of options. Either you can select individual supported platforms for Conditional Access policy, or you can select “ All platforms (including unsupported).” Somehow my recommendation is to use the later one “All platforms (including unsupported).” Azure AD Conditional access policies can be deployed either combined with compliance policies or without compliance policies.

I would recommend deploying conditional access policies with compliance policies. So, next step is to set compliance policies for iOS devices. Are you wondering why there is no encryption option/compliance policy for iOS devices? If so, there is no need of encryption policy for iOS devices because those devices will get encrypted once the password has enforced for devices.

After compliance policy settings, it’s time to setup configuration policies for iOS and MAC OS devices. Intune Configuration policies are there to deploy security settings for the devices. Also, these types of policies can be used to enable or disable features of devices. Details about different types of Intune configuration profiles are discussed in my previous video blog post. Device restriction policies are nothing but security configuration policies in Intune Azure portal. Conclusion:- Above mentioned policies are very basic policies which you wanted to configure in case your organization has decided to manage iOS and MAC Os devices via Intune. There are loads of advanced kind of MDM policy management options available with Microsoft Intune.

Toolsonair Ready For Machine

You can also create custom configuration policies for iOS devices if some of your security requirements are not available as out of box with Intune configuration policies. Apart from that, you can deploy Wi-Fi profile, VPN profile and Certs to iOS devices using Intune MDM. Another option with Intune MAM WE (without enrollment) is to manage corporate applications via MAM policies and MAM WE Conditional Access policies. In this scenario, your users don’t need to enroll into Intune MDM management. So, this is another decision point for each organization whether they should use MAM WE or MDM channel of iOS management. Reference:-.

Toolsonair ready for machine

Protect app data using app protection policies with Microsoft Intune (MAM) –. Introduction to Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal preview –.

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