Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac

Every so often, when you need a really good 3D model, you might find yourself struggling with traditional 3D modeling tools that do not give you enough in the way of organic tools and lack the capability to create intricate details. Perhaps, you might turn to an online 3D model store, but even then, you might not find exactly what you want. But what if all you had was a photograph of real-world item such as a building, an animal, a shoe, a car or some other object? How could you turn that photograph into a 3D model? With Strata Foto 3D CX2. This program, either sold separately or as part of the Strata 3D CX Suite, allows you to generate a model from a photograph for use in 3D rendering software, such as Strata 3D CX or another 3D application. The process is simple, and you begin by taking a series of photos of the object.

  1. Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac Os
  2. Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac Os X
  3. Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac

Strata STRATA FOTO 3D CX 2J for Mac OS X(代引き不可) 送料無料 SHADE3D 〔Win Mac メディアレス〕 Shade3D Professional ver.17 Win・Mac用. STRATA FOTO 3D CX 2J for Mac OS X STRATA 【返品種別A】 ASUS(エイスース) ZenBook UX330UA 13.3型ノートパソコン Core i5 メモリ8GB SSD256GB Office付き Windows10 グレー UX330UA-7200S (UX330UA7200S) [振込不可],送料無料!. Strata STRATA FOTO 3D CX 2J for Mac OS X(代引き不可)新作超特価SALE!.

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The photos of all sides of the object can be shot on a rotating pedestal or even by hand. The more images you have—and there should be at least 15—the more accurate the resulting model. Strata Foto 3D CX generates the UV map (a 2D image representing your 3D model) quickly and efficiently, resulting in a properly mapped 3D model. When you install Strata Foto 3D CX, you can print a special calibration mat using the Print Mat button.

This is placed flat underneath your object. Once the photos are taken, you can load them into the Foto 3D program and begin the 3D modeling process. Foto 3D will automatically mask the images, so it’s a good idea to shoot the model on a plain or neutral backdrop. Once the auto masking is complete, you’ll see each image has been colored blue in the areas outside of the object. This helps Foto 3D create the 3D mesh. The next step is wireframe generation, which automatically optimizes and builds the 3D mesh based on the masked photographs.

You can determine the amount of detail as needed, however the default values work well for many situations where the model is not going to be rendered close up. Should you need more detail in the final 3D model, it’s a good idea to increase the number of triangles (a triangular polygon is made up three points), however, like any other 3D application, the more geometry a model has, the longer it will take to load. Finally, after the mesh has been created, Strata Foto 3D CX builds the texture. The texture of course, comes from the original images. Textures can be edited by copying the project from Foto 3D into a program like Adobe ( ).

But, it’s also possible to manually add different textures. Foto 3D makes it easy to automatically align images with the Alight Image option. The result is a textured, 3D model.

What's also cool about Foto 3D is that the program allows you to integrate Photoshop into your workflow. This is done through an included plug-in that makes data exchange between the programs seamless. With version 2, you can send models back and forth between Foto 3D and Photoshop. Once the model is created, you can export it and use it in just about any 3D application. While the export function is a bit limiting, allowing only VRML or 3DS versions to be saved out, the files do load into other 3D applications with the automatically generated UV map correctly applied. The auto masking feature in Strata Foto 3D works very well when objects are photographed against a plain background. Auto masking takes seconds and helps the software determine how to build the 3D model. Other cool features of Strata Foto 3D CX are Lens Calibration for matching different images. You can have up to 256 images per object, allowing you to create highly detailed models.

Additional photos can be merged to the original creation as well. In terms of performance, overall, the app performed well on my Mac Pro system. The Interface navigation was quick and the processing of images was not an issue.

Version 2 adds sophisticated camera support and automated 3D orientation, which helps the software generate 3D models even faster. Macworld’s buying advice Strata Foto 3D CX 2 is a cool tool to use if you’re not the best 3D modeler, or you need to create a model of an existing real-world object quickly. Perhaps you’re a sculpter, or own a small boutique, and you’d like to display your products on the Web in a unique way, Strata Foto 3D CX is your tool. Or say you’re a full-time 3D content creator and need to bring various elements into your larger project—elements that you don’t have the time to model from scratch—Strata Foto 3D CX is the answer in that case, too. Dan Ablan is president of in the Chicago area. He has written 13 books on 3D animation, digital photography, and Photoshop. He also operates a photography studio and is the founder of 3D, an online training resource.

Models can be sent as a 3D layer to Photoshop Extended design projects, where the 3D object can be painted on, rotated, lighting adjusted, and more. Or, textured 3D models can be exported as VRML or Collada files for import into Design 3D or other 3D software. In-Depth Feature List Photo Support Foto 3D builds and places a UV texture on any model by using a series of photographs. Regardless of the type of camera you use, Foto 3D will calibrate itself automatically for the best results. Foto 3D allows you to take anywhere from 20 to 256 pictures to create your textured 3D model.

Mat Printing. Lens Calibration. Up To 256 Images Per Object. Automatic Camera Calibration. Merge Additional Photos Surface Generation Foto 3D generates a model that includes surface smoothing and interactive mesh decimation. For use in a 3D rendering package, such as, you’ll want the highest quality mesh possible.

For real-time 3D use, you may want to reduce your mesh density for faster downloads. Surface Optimization. Interactive Mesh Decimation. Fast Wireframe Generation. Clipping Plane Save & Export Features Once you’re finished with your project, simply export it into VRML, Collada or 3DS.

Then your file can be imported into Strata 3D CX for rendering and animation, or into Strata Live 3D for real-time display on a web page or PDF document. VRML. Collada. 3DS Masking Features With a complete toolset that includes automatic mask generation, interactive threshold controls, shrink wrapping and brushes, you’re guaranteed a positive result. Once Foto 3D creates the 3D object, you can then rotate it to any position and finalize any additional masking that may be required. Automated Masking.

Shrink Wrap Tool. Interactive Threshold. Masking Tools. Import External Masks Texturing Features Foto 3D creates a photo-realistic UV texture for your model. You can use Adobe Photoshop to modify the texture from any angle. Simply copy the view to Photoshop, modify the texture, and paste it back into Foto 3D.

Strata strata foto 3d cx 2j 26022cd for mac os x

Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac Os

All texture blending occurs automatically. Optional Photoshop plug ins require CS 4 or CS 5.x. Plug ins not compatible with CS 6. Automatic Texture Creation. UV Unwrapping.

Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac Os X

Incremental Map Generation. Texture Map Editing.

External Texture Editing. Large Map Resolution. Tone Correction.

Vizworld “It’s a bargain Users who find themselves frequently needing to scan 3D models will find Foto3D CX an invaluable tool for it’s power, flexibility, and excellent price point.” IT Enquirer “Strata Foto 3D CX is a lot faster than creating a 3D model from scratch in Cinema 4D, Vue, or Maya. Compare Foto 3D Versions FEATURES FOTO 3D SE FOTO 3D CX Photoshop Plug-Ins Generate an object from a layered Photoshop file or send the finished 3D model back to Photoshop CS Extended. Lens/Camera Calibration Correct for the specific distortions your lens or camera produces. Markers Flag specific points across photo sets to build models without the need for the positioning mat. Ideal for very large objects. Image Support Up to 256 images per object, Merge and place non-mat photos.


Interactive Mesh Decimation Change mesh density on the fly to achieve the detail desired. Clipping Plane Feet not quite flat? Use clipping plane to create flat surfaces. Maximum Mesh Resolution 12,000 Polygons 20,000 Polygons Save & Export Features Collada (DAE), VRML and 3DS. Automated Masking Create masks automatically from clean backgrounds. Masking Tools Create your own masks in-app.

Strata Strata Foto 3d Cx 2j 26022cd For Mac

Import External Masks Import masks from another application. UV Unwrapping and Texture Creation Model is textured with the photos used to create the mesh. Maximum Texture Resolution 800 Pixels 1600 Pixels Tone Correction Adjusts for photo sets where lighting isn’t uniform. Incremental Map Generation Add new photos of specific details to the generated mesh at any time.

External Texture Editing Copy and Paste textures in and out of Foto 3D for maximum flexibility.

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