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Public Health professional noted that rear camera in the latest models have a 5-element lens in place of the 6-element one on the 10.5-inch iPad, and also lack the optical image stabilization (OIS) of the older model. The reason is almost certainly lack of space in Apple’s thinnest ever iPad design. While photography isn’t a priority for the iPad, Apple is heavily touting it as an augmented reality device, where you might imagine OIS might prove useful. Steve Troughton-Smith also spotted one other interesting snippet that Apple didn’t include in the specs: 6GB RAM in some SKUs.

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  1. Steve Troughton-smith On Twitter Classroom For Macbook Pro

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has uncovered a one-handed keyboard code by hacking the iOS Simulator, also discovering that the code for the feature has 'been there since at least iOS 8.'

Multiple sources then reported that while most 2018 iPad models have the same 4GB RAM as before, if you max out storage to 1TB, Apple also throws in a couple of extra gigs of RAM. Multiple people are telling me that only the 1TB iPad Pros get 6GB RAM. So that's a thing. — Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) That 2GB of extra RAM could be rather expensive, however: a maxed-out.

Steve Troughton-smith On Twitter Classroom For Macbook Pro

Developer has found an official Apple video revealing a new dark mode for Xcode and an Apple News app for macOS. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Xcode 10 on macOS 10.14. Dark Appearance, Apple News, App Store w/ video previews Troughton-Smith notes the video was found on the Xcode MAS store page API. As usual, the spoilers came from within: Apple posted a 30-second preview video of Xcode on 10.14 to the Xcode MAS store page API (which, as videos aren't supported on the MAS, 'should' have been hidden. Guess nobody checked.). Apple will likely debut the new version of Xcode and macOS 10.14 at WWDC 2018. Please follow iClarified on, or for updates.

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