Steam's Big Picture For Mac

Dec 3, 2012 - Introduced today, the new Big Picture mode available in the Steam client for Mac offers a front-end for your games that's controller-.

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If my MW3 or black ops was working on mac, then that was cool. I gave my steam accounts to my lil brothers since i built my hackintosh. Iam using gt 240 1 giga graphic card, and there are art effects when trying to load steam games using paul the tall website ports. Also somehow even with 6 gigs of ram something is eating my ram very quick in ML.

Steam big picture mac

Best Steam Pictures

Minimum 1 giga of ram bull. This operating system is ram consuming. Iam thinking looking for some old mac quest i used to play when i was child, roger wilco was is name of this game.

Steam Big Picture Controller

And see if it can somehow run on ML, beside that league of legends its always good alternative, there is this mac version at this website, that works great, and why this forum calling me noob? Actually i dont mind i helped more then 5 people installing their first hackintosh from scratch.

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