Solved: I Need To Buy The Lotus Organizer 97 For Mac

Lotus 123 was a spreadsheet software that the Lotus Development Corporation, now a subsidiary of IBM, created. It was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Lotus 123 was originally developed for DOS, but eventually became available for the Windows Operating System. However, Microsoft Excel quickly rivaled and outperformed Lotus 123, causing Lotus 123 to lose its place as the leading spreadsheet software. Lotus 123 itself was discontinued in 2002, but Lotus SmartSuite (2008) and Lotus Symphony (2010) are still available and match Microsoft Excel’s capabilities.

What is Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software included in Microsoft Office and is currently the most popular spreadsheet software in the world.

Lotus Organizer was a personal information manager (PIM). Later revisions of SmartSuite did not upgrade Organizer, although some fixes have been. The features and user interface for Organizer for OS/2 are similar to that of Organizer 97 for. IBM Lotus Symphony - Lotus Symphony Documents 1.2 Beta on Mac OS X.

It can be used to create spreadsheets, perform calculations, solve problems, and create charts, tables, and graphs. Microsoft Excel includes several built-in templates that allow users to create calendars, budget lists, invoices, brochures, and to-do lists with ease. Microsoft Excel can be used for both personal and commercial purposes and is available on many different platforms.

Users can convert Lotus 123 documents to Microsoft Excel documents by using any of the following services: Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel has an inbuilt Lotus-to-Excel converter which can save a WK4 file in XLS format. If the converter isn’t available, you will need to install it from the Office CD/DVD. Open Microsoft Excel. Click the File dropdown or the Office button at the top-left corner. Select Open.

Navigate the directory structure for the Lotus file. Select that file and click Open.

Crosscheck all the formulae and formatting in the opened file. Again, click the File dropdown or the Office button at the top-left corner. Select Save As.

Choose the Excel format you wish to convert to, like XLS or XLSX. Excel will have converted your Lotus file to the Excel format. Note: During the conversion if Excel fails to convert any formula, then it will leave a comment “formula failed to convert” on a cell. You can do a phrase search for the same to locate such failed conversions. Sometimes the Service Pack 3 of MS Office blocks few file types for security reasons. Microsoft has stated in Excel.

However, these workarounds may reduce Office’s security and you may do it at your own risk. IMP: Excel does not support the.123 file extension. You will have to rename a.123 file to.WK4 for Excel to recognize it.

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Or read our to learn how to use this site. SmartSuite is not officially supported by IBM on the Windows Vista operating system, but it does work on the 32-bit version of Vista if the installer and applications are run in XP compatibility mode (this isn't needed to install or run Organizer 6). IBM has no plans to release specific Vista-compatible versions of SmartSuite or Organizer.If it won't work in Vista without using, then it won't work in Windows 7 either without using Compatibility Mode.

And if you have 64-bit Windows 7, you can forget about it. But if you have 32-bit, try running it in.

If you have Windows 7 64-bit (Professional or Ultimate only) and a processor that supports, you can run it in. This is pretty much over my head. I am pretty sure I have an unopened XP disc with product key. Asssume I would create another partition and load XP. Then I could load Org on that partition. However with the virtual XP, since I assume it disappears each time you turn off the laptop, would I also need to reinstall ORG each time I fired the laptop up again? Sounds pretty burdensome.

I understand most people use virtual because they are trying out new programs which often times could corrupt the workings of the non-virtual setup. When they turn it off the virtual goes away and they have to do it all over again next time. I am still hoping that someone has a patch or a workaround that would make all of this unnecessary. Or perhaps I could buy a slightly newer Lotus Organizer (6.1 or something) that would bridge my old program so that I could transfer the info from ORG 2.1 into the Org 6.1 and just start using the newer program. I am not against a new program, just do not want to lose fifteen years of calendars, appointments, history, and phone numbers. Maybe more than fifteen years.

Solved i need to buy the lotus organizer 97 for mac

Question Will Lotus SmartSuite® or Lotus Organizer® work on the Microsoft Windows® Vista operating system? Answer Background: SmartSuite applications (Lotus 1-2-3®, Lotus Word Pro®, Lotus Freelance Graphics®, Lotus Approach®, and Organizer 5.x) as well as Organizer 6.1 have worked on different releases of the Windows operating system, dating as far back as Windows DOS.

IBM/Lotus Product Development continues to support SmartSuite 9.8 and Organizer 6.1 applications on the Windows 2000 and XP platforms. Passport Advantage customers may download the latest fix packs from their Passport Advantage website. Vista: The newest Windows operating system, Vista, is released in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit versions. The 32-bit version of Vista is supported by IBM/Lotus. No major compatibility issues have been reported when running SmartSuite or Organizer on the Vista 32-bit (x86) version.

Therefore, Lotus Product Support is available to take calls related to Vista 32-bit from licensed SmartSuite and Organizer customers who are on active maintenance. The 64-bit version of Vista is not supported by IBM/Lotus. This version does not allow proper functionality because of the legacy computer code within SmartSuite and Organizer. Do NOT install SmartSuite or Organizer on the Vista 64-bit version. The above is from IBM:. Good info, cryptodan. Tyl604, note the directions given in the tutorial I linked about dual-booting: If you install XP after having Windows 7 already, you have to edit the boot file to enable Windows 7 to boot again (XP writes over the Windows 7 boot file and creates it's have to add Windows 7 back to it).

If you decide to dual-boot, be sure to follow that tutorial. Using a virtual machine is just like using a regular computer. It's an operating system in a box. It boots like any other computer. Programs install like any other computer. It shuts down like any other computer, get my point.

I think you are referring to using something called a ' for running suspicious programs safely. In this case, yes, you have to install/run the program in the sandbox you're using every time you want to use it. But that's not what we're doing here. Once you install a program in a virtual machine, it will be in that virtual machine until you uninstall it. Like I said about virtual machines's just an operating system in a box. Yes, you could potentially update this software to a version that is compatible with Windows 7 (assuming one exists that is), but it won't matter since you have 64-bit Windows 7. I know this is very old, but I thought I would post just to keep the record straight.

I am using Win 7 Home Premium 64Bit and have successfully installed and used Lotus Organizer 6.0. The original CD label is printed showing compatibility for 'Windows 95, Windows 98, & Windows NT 4.0' I hate it when others don't tell me how they did it, so here's how for anyone who cares. Before you begin, disable your antivirus program. I was running Immunet3.0 during one attempt and it failed because it quarantined the file 'or1c60en.dll' and claimed it was detected as W32.ETHOS.SEP.03A1F5. It got 98% through the install and then failed.


I temporarily disabled it and re-installed following the directions listed below and it was successful. One interesting note here is that we are only going to run Compatibility Mode for the Installer program, but NOT for Lotus Organizer once it is installed on the machine.

Don't ask me why, as this seems to be the opposite of what I read about compatibility mode, but this is what worked. Put the Lotus Organizer cd in - duh.

If autoplay pops up asking you what to do choose 'Open folder to view files' If it doesn't automatically pop up, you can right click on your CD drive from Explorer & select 'New Window' or use whatever method you prefer for viewing the files that are actually on the CD without launching anything. In the root directory of your CD drive you will see both 'Install.exe' & 'setup.exe' as well as other files and folders. Right click 'setup.exe' (Optionally you can use navigate to the Organize folder, and inside is another file named 'install.exe' which this also works for) Right click which ever file you want, select Properties and choose the 'Compatibility' tab. Check 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 95 or 98. I chose 95 when I did it on my first computer. Though I am doing it now on another Win7 64bit machine and plan on selecting Win98 this time around. (I guess I like to live dangerously - Doh!

J/k;) Check Run this program as an administrator, click Apply Then Select 'Change settings for all users' (This is optional though) and make all the same selects as before. UPDATE- Once the program is installed and you have the Lotus Organizer Icon on your computer, if you right click and go to Properties, you will notice that compatibility mode is no longer selected. Keep it that way. Choosing compatibility mode at this point will cause you to get an error when launching the program saying that it was not installed correctly. Not sure why. This was surprising to me.- Anyway, good luck to all reading this. I hope this helped someone.

And cleared up that Lotus Organizer 6.0 DOES run on a Win7 64 Bit machine despite earlier posts to the contrary.FinnyD NOTE1: The only bug I've encountered which is more of an annoyance but not a danger as far as corrupting your data is in the Contact Section, the Category field will appear blank when you go into the Edit mode. The category is actually there - you just can't see it till you are done editing. You can still delete what's in there and anything you type (even though you can't see it) will be saved, so you need to be careful. As soon as you are done editing, you see the categories as you always do.

Solved I Need To Buy The Lotus Organizer 97 For Mac

Exporting the data still works great and it would be advisable that you export your contacts as soon as possible to a.cvs file (or any number of choices offered) and import into a more modern contact manager while you still call because who knows how long this program will continue to be viable. (It really is a shame they don't support it any more. It was a great program back in the day.) NOTE2: If you need to use MailMerge functions, don't waste your time exporting/importing into 'Google Contacts' as I did.

Google Contacts does not allow you to print labels nor does it have the ability to do a mailmerge export, nor will it allow you to create a mailmerge data file. One problem is Google Contacts uses only one field for the entire address, street, city, state & zip which would screw up just about every other mail merge program. Very obvious and unusual oversight on the part of Google, but so like them. They'll give you a hundred features that you will hardly use and probably don't even know they exist, but the most desired and obvious feature they leave out. Really Google? A contact manager without the ability to print labels or do a mailmerge?

Really, what's the point? Edited by uwishu, 11 January 2012 - 06:58 PM.

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