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Lesson 32: Rehearsing and Recording Your Presentation /en/powerpoint2016/action-buttons/content/ Introduction There are many things to keep in mind when preparing to give a presentation. How long will it last?

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What will you say? Fortunately, PowerPoint offers several tools that can help you rehearse your slide show.

Jump to Recording the Narration - On the Slide Show tab, under Presenter Tools, click. The recording automatically starts when you enter.

Recording powerpoint slide narration for mac

You can even record a copy with voiceover narration, allowing viewers to watch the presentation on their own. Optional: Download our.

Watch the video below to learn how to rehearse and record your presentation. Rehearsing slide show timings Rehearsing timings can be useful if you want to set up a presentation to play at a certain speed without having to click through the slides yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to practice your talking points. Using this feature, you can save timings for each slide and animation. PowerPoint will then play the presentation automatically using these timings.

Rehearsing is often one of the last steps in creating a polished presentation. If you've never presented a slide show, you may want to review our lesson on to become familiar with the basics. To rehearse timings:. Go to the Slide Show tab, then click the Rehearse Timings command. Recording your slide show The Record Slide Show feature is similar to the Rehearse Timings feature, but it's a bit more comprehensive. If you have a microphone for your computer, you can record voiceover narration for the entire presentation.

This is useful if you plan to use your slide show as a self-running presentation or video. To record a slide show:.

From the Slide Show tab, select the Record Slide Show drop-down arrow, then choose either Start Recording from Beginning or Start Recording from Current Slide. In recorded slide shows, the mouse pointer isn't visible in the finished product; therefore, if you want to point something out, you'll need to use the laser pointer feature. Simply hold Ctrl on your keyboard while you click and hold your mouse. The cursor will appear as a small red dot. To remove slide timings or narration: If you change your mind about including slide timings or narration, you can easily remove one or both. You can clear them from the entire presentation or just the current slide.

To do this, simply go to the Slide Show tab, click the Record Slide Show drop-down arrow, hover over Clear, then choose the desired option from the menu.


Slides For Ppt Free Download

Narration Recording Process – macOS We currently support recording narration on a Mac in PowerPoint 2011 and PowerPoint 2016. If you are using an older version, please seek help from your technology group or IT team to get upgraded to the newest version of PowerPoint.


Older versions are unsupported due to recording quality issues. Recording Device Selection Important: Before opening PowerPoint and recording your narration it is very important to verify that your computer is using the headset as the input device. Many computers have webcams or other microphones connected to them and the computer may default to using one of those instead of the headset. Do the following to verify that you are using the correct microphone every time you sit down to do a recording session. From the Apple Menu in the upper left hand of your menu bar select System Preferences. Click on the Sound icon in the System Preferences window. Navigate to the Input tab.

Select the Logitech USB Headset to make it the active recording device. You can now close the System Preferences and launch PowerPoint to begin your recording session Note that this is also the place you will go if you need to turn down the input level of the headset microphone. The Recording Process Starting Recording. Open your Presentation in PowerPoint 2011. Click the Slide Show tab. Click the Record Narration button in the Presenter Tools section. This will take you directly into fullscreen presenting mode, and begin recording from your microphone.

At this point, pause for a few seconds before you begin speaking your narration, this allows your computer to catch up and makes sure nothing will be missing from the very start of your recording. At this point you are now recording your narration. Transitioning from Slide to Slide While recording your narration, you can navigate the presentation as you would any PowerPoint presentation with one caviat. Only procede forward in your presentation, never go backwards. There is information below about re-recording the narration for indiviual slides.

When recording your narration, PowerPoint is creating an individual audio file for each slide. This means that there is a momentary pause in the recording when you go the next slide during narration. It may not seem like much, but in our experience that pause can prevent the recording of a whole word or two.

And that can make all the difference in comprehending the sentence you were speaking at the time. All this means is you must stop narrating a few seconds before and after proceding to the next slide. This may be a hard habbit to get into if you are experienced with doing smooth slide transitions mid-sentence when giving normal Presentations to classes or colleagues. Because of this, we would recomend doing a few practice slide transitions to help reinforce the habbit. Re-Recording Narration Re-recording the narration of a slide, or a whole presentation is basically the same as doing the intial recording, but there are a few important things to note.

To re-record the narration for a specific slide do the following:. Navigate to the slide you would like to re-record. Go to the Slide Show tab.

Click the Record Narration button in the Presenter Tools section. Just like before, this will send you directly into presenting mode with narration recording active. Record the new narration for the slide. IMPORTANT: To end your re-recording of the slide, press the ESC key on your keyboard to end the Narration session. If you navigate to the next slide in the presentation, it will delete any narration that was previously on that slide and start recording fresh. This happens instantly when you arrive at that slide.

Recording Narration in Multiple Sessions To record in multiple sessions do the following:. Record your narration as usual, stopping at some point before the end. When you return to finish the narration, navigate to the slide you would like to begin recording on. Go to the Slide Show tab.

Mac Slide Presentation

Click the Record Narration button in the Presenter Tools section. Just like before, this will send you directly into presenting mode with narration recording active. Record the new narration for the slide, and any subsiquint slides. To stop recording, press the ESC key on your keyboard.

Previewing and Quality Check It is very important to check your recording and make sure it sounds alright before sending it in, or moving on to the next Presentation. Quality Check Process. Navigate to a slide with narration on it. Hover your cursor over the speaker icon in the lower right of the slide. This will bring up playback controls for that recording. Click the Play button and listen for any issues. Inspect a few more slides in of your presentation.

A random sampleing should be a good indication of the overall audio quality of the presentation. Note: If your headset is plugged in, the audio may playback in the headset and not on your usual speakers.

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