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Jul 17, 2014 - This software is still in alpha stage, and is still missing several features. There are also some known bugs with the software. We will try to keep. Oct 29, 2018 - Stream to Facebook Live for free from your Mac or PC using OBS Studio. Watch my walk-through video and read on. Usually, the first pop-up will open, but once that closes, a 2nd pop-up should open.

Symptom: Saved games not loading on Macs running macOS Sierra: Cause and solution: If you have iCloud Drive enabled your Desktop and Documents folders have probably been moved to the cloud during the setup process. This means that every time you load your game it creates a new Sims 4 user data folder as it cannot find the original due to it not being where the game is looking. Please for full instructions on how to change your iCloud settings and prevent this from happening.

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Links explaining iCloud Drive and how it works are also provided in the article.

. If First Aid reports that the drive appears to be OK, or that the drive has been repaired, you’re done. In some previous versions of First Aid, it was necessary to run the repair process multiple times to ensure the repairs were complete; that is no longer required.

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If First Aid displays an “overlapped extent allocation” error, Disk Utility will create a DamagedFiles folder at the root level of your startup drive. The overlapped error indicates that two (or possibly more) files occupied the same location on the drive being repaired. More than likely both files have become corrupt, but there's a small chance you can recover one or both of them. You can examine the files in the DamagedFiles folder.

If you don’t need the file, or you can easily recreate it, I highly recommend just deleting the file. If you must have the file, then for a usable copy. If First Aid reports, “The underlying task reported failure,” this indicates First Aid failed at making the needed repair. However, don’t give up; try rerunning the repair a few times.

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