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Thank you for downloading R-Link 2 Toolbox for Mac from our software portal The version of R-Link 2 Toolbox for Mac you are about to download is 1.1.8. Each download we provide is subject to periodical scanning, but we strongly recommend you check the package for viruses on your side before running the installation.

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Sounds like you were using R Link Toolbox ( for the Captur ) and not R Link 2 Toolbox. Why Renault can't use one software I don't know They don't seem to have progressed in the last 9 months - I registered with the R-Link site today and their 'Welcome' e-mail included a Link to download the 'R-LINK 2 Toolbox'. I followed that, ran the Toolbox and it didn't recognise my USB stick? I uninstalled THAT Toolbox, logged into the R-Link site and downloaded 'R-LINK 2 Toolbox' from there, that one works and it's now downloading my first update. So there's 2 Toolboxes, and only one of them works for Kadjars?

So after much time searching online and doing bits by myself, I've finally found out how to update your R Link. STEP 1:- Go to gb.rlinkstore.com STEP 2:- If you haven't yet registered for an account then do this by selecting register (obviously lol). You will need to enter your usual bits of info, plus your car VIN (for those who don't know, this can be found on your logbook or in the bottom right corner of your windscreen), and your R Link serial number. (I found this by going into the R Link in car, go to settings, then onto status and version information. Then clicking on TomTom version info). And you also have to choose a name for your car lol. Register and then validate your email address.

STEP 3:- When you log in to the R Link store on your PC, you should be greeted with a message saying something along the lines of 'your car name' updates available. STEP 4:- Click on update. A new page should appear saying that you need to download the R Link Toolbox. STEP 5:- Take the memory card out of your car (don't just pull it out though.

Go into settings and go to remove SD card). Insert into your PC. The R Link toolbox window should pop up and eventually state that it is installing updates. DONT REMOVE THE CARD UNTIL EVERYTHING HAS FINISHED INSTALLING! IT MAY ALSO MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR SD CARD! (MINE DID) STEP 6:- When installation has finished remove card and insert back into your car. IMPORTANT TURN YOUR ENGINE ON SO THE R LINK DOESN'T SWITCH ITSELF OFF DURING THE UPDATE!!

Activation code for nik viveza 2 for mac. Let it do its thing and then you should be all up to date! 28 May 2015 08:21:03(UTC) Reason: Not specified. I didn't have my engine running.

I got in the car inserted the SD card and let it update. The R Link didn't turn itself off like it normally does if you have the radio on without the ignition on. It seems daft that you have to ring a bloody helpline though to find out how to update.


There should be clear instructions somewhere online. But there isn't. Is there any way to edit my post, as I probably should put it in there as a precaution? Open your own post - click on Edit. Yes it did say updates available. So I went and got the SD card from the car ejecting it properly. Up came the R Link Toolbox and it said busy updating.

Then finished. After I ejected properly, as it was so quick I re inserted it and after R Link toolbox came up it said busy then it was up to date? You are correct a previous update was just as quick then previous to that 20 minutes laptop and 20 minutes car! I think something odd has occured. I will try again and if anything different I will post Cheers Andy.

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