Performance When Switching Tabs

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Performance When Switching Tabs

The Sport Tab series is engineered for the demands of offshore attitude correction over a wide range of water conditions. For speeds up to 60 mph. Features two heavy duty stainless steel tabs with powder-coated black finish, secured with heavy duty mounting plates and fasteners.

Switching Tabs With Keyboard

We've implemented the feature in-house and we will provide 2 options for how the tabs are mounted/unmounted:. Every time you switch the tab, the old one will be unmounted, and the new one - mounted.


(as it is currently working). Once a tab is mounted, it wont be unmounted until the whole TabStrip component is unmounted. Not-selected tabs will be hidden but will remain in the DOM. If a previously selected tab is selected again, a re-render will be triggered. Both options will be triggered by a single property.

Switching Tabs In Edge

We're looking for the most descriptive name for it, so we're open for suggestions.

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