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Welcome to the OpenDaylight Integration Packaging project. Please see the before thinking about making any changes to this code. #Overview This project uses a combination of, and to create VMs that can be used for testing, developing, learning and teaching on the. #About the Tools Being Used Before you can use this project to build a VM, you need to install the tools listed below. ##Virtual Box, when running on Mac OSX, installs when it is installed. Of it is explained in the Docker Mac OSX, but the essence is that Docker needs a Linux environment within which to run the Docker daemon, and so uses Virtual Box to create a Linux VM for that purpose.

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TODO: Test what happens on Linux. ##Packer Packer is used to drive the overall VM build process. The Packer installation instructions are. ##Docker is invoked by to create a Docker image. The Docker installation instructions are. Note, on Mac OSX you need to use the 'Docker Quickstart Terminal window' to run the build.


Opendaylight Source Code

Mar 30, 2016 - controller from to the directory that. Is when a packet comes from a networking device, L2Switch will learn about the MAC. Git repository “git clone Nayanseth / sdn-loadbalancing. Pull requests 0. Projects 0 Insights Dismiss. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Download ZIP. (OpenDaylight) Download the distribution package from OpenDaylight. Next unzip the folder.

##Vagrant will create a box as one of the build targets. You will need to have Vagrant installed to be able to use that box. The Vagrant installation instructions are. #How to Use Read all the way through this section before attempting any commands. Clone this project locally, after reading the, on either a Linux or Mac OS X platform, then (assuming your git directory is in your home directory). Cd /git/integration-packaging/packer/ packer build -var-file=packervars.json centos.json vagrant box add -force -name 'opendaylight ' vagrant init -m opendaylight vagrant up -provider=virtualbox The detail of what is happening in the Packer build, and how to use the Vagrant box that is created, is explained Note that these instructions may be workable on Windows also, but that has not been tested yet. On Mac OSX, if you want to build the Docker image, you will need to use the 'Docker Quickstart Terminal window' as explained in these.

If you try to run the packer command above in a 'normal' terminal shell, the Docker part of the build will fail. At the time of writing, on Mac OSX though, the build running in the Docker terminal fails to terminate, whereas a build run in a 'normal' OSX terminal does build the Vagrant box.

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