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Blizzard doesn't announce their system requirements or recommendations until shortly before a game is finished. They don't know before then, since the final stages of programming include lots of optimizations to lower the machine load and streamline the program. Their goal is to keep their games playable on reasonable systems, without sacrificing performance or graphics. As a result, fans were left to guess and conjecture at Diablo III's system requirements for years. This page preserves those early hints and investigations, below the official information which Blizzard finally revealed in December 2011. Bashiok, could you tell us, what was the hardware configuration of the computer whereat the Diablo III ran?

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They were insane. There’s a few reasons why it doesn’t matter what those machines were though. Most machines are lent to us by hardware vendors. It’s in our interest to have our games look good and run well, and it’s in their interest to show off the latest and greatest their company has to offer. So generally they’re top of the line, using all the newest and best hardware.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Minimum System Requirements. 7/Windows 8 (Updated with the latest Service Packs) with DirectX 9.0c, Mac OS X 10.7.

Mac Ii System Requirements

Because we’re working with a pre-release version we work with the hardware that’s going to be on the show floor to build a final show floor build. The game hasn’t hit (obviously) final QA and hardware compatibility testing as it would before release to the public, so we need to ensure it’s going to run smoothly on this one specific set of hardware for the show. It can also help, to a degree, overcome some potential technical hurdles we could run into with a pre-optimized build of the game. Throw more CPU/RAM/3D processing at it, and generally those pre-optimized problems won’t throw a wrench into the brief glimpse of a game that isn’t finished yet. So, the combination of having hardware vendors showing off the latest and greatest, coupled with our interest to have a unoptimized version of the game look good, leads to show floor specifications that are probably way beyond what even the final “Recommended” specs for the game would be, let alone “Required”.

Diablo III's Technology Diablo III is made completely in 3D, using custom in-house physics and graphics engines. The game is currently native to DirectX 9, and will not require DirectX 10 to run. The game will probably use a slightly higher level of system requirements than, which used & DirectX 9, and is the closest thing we can compare the game to. You can read more on StarCraft II's requirements and DirectX compatibilities as well as shader info here:. The most prominent part of the system requirements, the graphics requirements released from Blizzard document. System requirements analyse from available information.

Official starcraft ii system requirements for macbook pro

Technical articles for StarCraft II. Here is a Blizzard quote on the system specs. Jay Wilson: Currently we have no plans for specific DirectX 10 support.

Right now are running a DirectX 9, and we run on a pretty broad range of systems, really fast. Overall, across-the-board Blizzard's goal is that all of our games support a broad range of systems. We don't jump up the system specs in any grand way. We have no intentions of being a high-end game, and certainly no intentions of being an exclusive DirectX 10 game at this time. We don't exactly know what the system specs are yet, but we'll try to keep them pretty low. We make a lot of decisions about what we do and do not put into our graphics, in order to keep the game running fast. One of the reasons why we talk a lot about art style, and how we focus a lot on art style, stylization of art over.

When we do that it allows us to have a good looking game about falling back on technology, our technology does not have to carry us when we have such great art in the game. Starcraft 2 System Requirements. Fans often ask about Diablo 3's. While Blizzard won't make those known until much closer to the game's launch, we can look at the SC2 minimm requirements for some insight. Here's what Blizzard says, on their support page. PC Minimum System Requirements Due to potential programming changes, the Minimum System Requirements for this game may change over time.

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