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. Your video archive is stored locally on the computer you installed Ivideon Server on by default. If you need more security, you can store your video archive in our cloud. That way you'll be able to access it even if something happens to your computer.

To enable remote archive, sign in and go to My Services. Ivideon Client Ivideon Client offers access to the live video feeds and video archives from cameras attached to Ivideon Server or featuring built-in Ivideon software.

Network Led Dmg Cracked For Mac

Ivideon Client lets you watch videos via the Internet or a LAN. How do we love the new Ivideon Server release? Let us count the ways. There are plenty of new features being added to the service that are going to make our clients’ lives much easier, especially if they have a lot of cameras to their name. Here are the highlights:. Multiple quality levels for recording and playback in the local archive When you’re watching your archive locally, you’ll notice how smoothly it’s going even when you have layouts with a bunch of cameras. The load placed on your PC will stay reasonable, with that said, while your LAN traffic still won’t see much of a hike when you push playback speeds higher. Support for random ONVIF events Modern IP cameras and DVRs offer access to all kinds of additional information in the shape of events for a variety of situations: from signal loss to notifications about items people have left behind in the field of view. We added complete support for a range of ONVIF events to Ivideon Server.

For each or multiple random ONVIF events, one of the preset events in our system—motion, sound, or a notification—can be generated. To take one example, users with advanced Bosch cameras can record to a local or cloud-based archive triggered by video analytics events. Intel Quick Sync Video support used to recode for Intel GPUs in Windows Recoding is tough work that puts a lot of pressure on the server’s processor, and increasing loads means decreasing the number of cameras each server can handle. Intel Quick Sync is a great tool for reducing those loads. If you’re wondering why we focused on Windows-based technology, it’s because that’s the OS most often deployed for cameras and other video capture devices that could use a hardware method for coding the stream coming from them. The function is active whenever Ivideon Server is launched as an app.

In the future, recoding will also be available when Ivideon Server is launched as a service. Restoring video server configurations from command prompt sans GUI Real Linux admins don’t need a graphical interface—they can restore configurations stored in the cloud using nothing but the console.

Lots of other little tweaks and fixes There’s now support for Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and higher, preview streams are identified and used for ONVIF cameras, IDIS devices are good to go, and the sound works correctly with PCM16 BE. Okay, so basically, all of us here at Ivideon are inveterate optimists, always believing in nothing but the best. But the world isn’t perfect. Neither are internet channels. Sure, lots of our customers have internet so fast that the videos in Ivideon Client load at a speed Schumacher would have been proud of. On the other hand, we’re always forgetting that not all of our customers are in that boat. There are quite a few of you who could use a few more ticks to be completely happy, and you have to deal with lag and poor video quality in the Ivideon apps.

And while we can’t do anything about your internet, we can certainly do something about Ivideon Desktop Client. So anyway, here’s a new version that will have you loading video with far less lag no matter what kind of internet you’re dealing with. It’s less resource-intensive, too. If you have a lot of cameras, you’ll be the first to notice the difference.

And most importantly, we made sure there won’t be any distortion at lower qualities. In keeping with tradition, we also squashed a bunch of bugs and added a few minor features:. The ability to limit the number of windows you have open. Automatic updating should you so desire it. An option to keep your screen from turning off while Ivideon Desktop Client is open (Windows, macOS). The first new version of Ivideon Server in 2018 has an impressive list of changes and added features, as expected by many of our customers and partners:. Now, many cameras connected to Ivideon Server can be configured directly through the cloud in your web application: most Hikvision, Nobelic, and Dahua cameras, and a number of Oco Pro models.

You can control resolution, bit rate, and frames per second for the main stream and substream. You can turn a microphone on or off, configure an IR LED, set the time zone, and turn a camera on or off. Edge Storage mode is available for camera series from Nobelic, Dahua, Hikvision, and several Oco Pro models. It lets you work with a local archive on a camera connected to Ivideon Server. So you can install Ivideon Server on an inexpensive device without a hard drive, and record directly on the camera itself. You can create several independent local video archives, including ones on different disks, all with their own settings. This way you can more efficiently distribute the load when recording and reading on a system with a large number of cameras and multiple storage disks.

Support for hardware video conversion with a built-in graphics chipset, which significantly improves Ivideon Server’s performance: even more cameras on the same hardware. Extended support for the V4L subsystem (Video for Linux), for Linux users. Improving the module for working with cameras using the ONVIF protocol: support for non-standard ports, ONVIF by HTTPS, and an expanded list of cameras using ONVIF. PTZ control right in the Ivideon Server configuration dialog. Manually adding and configuring camera substreams on Ivideon Server for cameras not on the list of supported hardware. This enables more efficient use of system resources, for example when analyzing a low-resolution substream with a motion detector.

Burn Mac Dmg On Windows

In this version, a user wanting to see video segments in which motion was detected can now quickly find them in the cloud archive. Select the zone within the viewing area and start the search. The resulting video segments will contain all the moments when there was motion in the selected zone. Adjust the search parameters to filter out insignificant or brief motion, and to splice short video segments into one. The search results will show not only the video segments with previews, but also the motion intensity—right above the recordings in the usual archive panel.

You can export the search result directly from the application—then download it from the general list of exported recordings in your web application. In addition, we made a number of interface improvements, and also increased the application’s performance as a whole.

This version of Ivideon Server was created at your request. We went through thousands of feedback messages from our users and put into action the requests that we found most frequently. We reworked the subsystem for recording to a local archive, raising it to a new level of performance and reliability.

Network Led Dmg Cracked For Mac

This is particularly relevant when simultaneously recording from a large number of cameras: Their quantity can now be even greater, on the same hardware. We improved camera support using the ONVIF protocol, which nowadays is among the features of all modern IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs. Now Ivideon Server automatically finds and connects most ONVIF-compatible cameras and receives more information from them about motion detection and substreams on this protocol, which significantly reduces the load on the processor and lets you connect even more cameras. Now you can manage IP cameras that support PTZ through ONVIF. We redesigned the tool for finding and adding new devices, making it even more convenient. We corrected the errors you reported to us that sometimes occurred when recording on a schedule to a local archive.

We resolved a rare but very unpleasant problem where Ivideon Server disconnected from the cloud when certain antivirus programs and firewalls were running at the same time. We eliminated 29 less serious but unpleasant errors. Many thanks to the users who helped us do this. We carried out a comprehensive and thorough testing of this version of Ivideon Server, spending over two months on it, and now you can be sure of its reliability and stability. We’ll save you time with an autostart setting — and more.

Autostart when the operating system boots up: Turn it on once, and you won’t have to set anything else. Autostart for selected cameras or layouts: Select the cameras or layouts to start, and the application will begin sending video right away after the computer is turned on. Autostart for full-screen mode: Quick start for operators and security personnel means less downtime. When starting up again in local mode, the application automatically logs in locally. Now it’s more convenient.

Now in the Turkish language: We’ve localized for our seventh language. Fixes and improvements: No release can go without them. Granting access permissions to a camera or group is now more clear and convenient!. Grant access permissions to several users at the same time — save time. View a list of all users that you’ve granted permissions to.


Find out quickly what permissions a specific user has. Remove all permissions from a user in two clicks (. for example,. if an employee has left your company).

Search. for the right camera using a list of groups, MAC addresses, or IP addresses.

Quickly evaluate the situation at facilities: Online cameras are highlighted in green, and offline cameras in red. Public cameras and groups are now marked with an icon of a little person: Hover over it to get brief information about the granted permissions.

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