M-audio Premobile Usb Driver For Mac

Jun 24, 2018 - M-AUDIO PREMOBILE USB DRIVER - Using your favorite audio recording software, this powerful little interface will allow you to record guitars. The most recently driver for MobilePre USB. Includes the latest firmware.

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I realize this probably isn't the right place to post this, but it's the closest I've found after searching for almost an hour. I have an M-Audio MobilePre USB interface. You can see the exact item here: I just got a new computer with Windows 10 installed and I want to know where to find a driver that will work with Windows 10 and this M-Audio MobilePre interface. Does anyone know? I've been Googling and searching the Avid website in vain.

I did find this page: But I'm not sure that's the right model. The interface in the photo does not resemble the interface I have (see previous link). There is no way to reach Avid support without having an order number, or something of that sort. So this forum here seems to be my last hope. Any help would be appreciated.

M Audio Mobilepre Usb Driver

OS You must select a operating system Latest Updates Driver Updates Product Version Date File Download Firmware Updates Product Version Date File Download Code 25 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) Code 49 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) Code 61 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) Code 25 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) Code 49 1.3.0 (FW v1.0.4.4) Software Updates Product Version Date File Download Hammer 88 1.0.7 Hammer 88 1.0.7 Code 61 1.0.7 Code 49 1.0.7 Code 25 1.0.7.

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