Lord Finesse Gives 3 Reasons For Mac

Lord Finesse Gives 3 Reasons For Mac
  1. Lord Finesse Gives 3 Reasons For Macbeth

Wasn't a fan originally (i remember the finesse thing - reminded me of the whole lupe fiasco fiasco). But last year he produced a bunch of tracks with ab soul on it that I thought were fire, and then Faces had some really nice beats on it. I poasted up some of those in the rap thread a while back, but czech these: (can't get yootoobs to embed, raj!) www.youtube.com/v/VuZ1Jtrijs ^ i mean, he's not a great rapper, but he's good at saying some silly inconsequential shit when you're in the mood for that, like: 'I'm Santana's bandana, against me you don't stand a chance Call you fancy pants cause when you're drunk you do the hammer dance' www.youtube.com/v/DvRiqWBZVs4. I think for what he is he's ok. He doesn't really strike me as trying to deviate too far from his roots. If you look at the intro to one of his videos he plays an old family video of him rapping Rapper's Delight when he's 8 or something. He is clearly in straight up middle class or better environs doing his thing and he embraces it.

Donald Trump Seeking Compensation From Mac Miller Fist In The Air. More than likely, the original composers didn't give permission for their work to. The reason was because when B cleared the sample, it was such a huge lift that. Search Forums. No used items found, search for similar on. New York Magazine's The Cut reports that 'Royals' singer Lorde will launch a makeup collection with none other than MAC Cosmetics. Since we're in love with both MAC and Lorde, we really CANNOT. Lord finesse is the ONLY brotha who keeps me calm, and relaxed while listening to his music. I have some of your vinyl, and its almost like putting on some bob marley, except in hip-hop form. Gritty, yet smooth beats, and an ACTUAL hip-hop flow that works EVERYTIME. When i see you have a new release coming out i get excited, even if its a reissue.

Lord Finesse Gives 3 Reasons For Macbeth

I see as much reason to listen to his stuff as spaced out cosmic brain damage hip hop like Danny Brown. Or just flat out umbilical-cord-wrapped-around-his-neck rap like Young Thug.

'If Hobbits rapped this is what they shit would sound like. I cant believe niggas actually listen to this toothpaste niggas music yo. Forreal forreal. This dude wrestles kittens yo. Son probably owns a giga pet namsayin. If you slapped this dude it would probably sound like glass breakin.

Son celebrated when the wicked witch got the house dropped on her b. Son probably lives in a mushshroom or some shit.

Somebody needs to pour this milk dud midget muthafucka back into his Aveeno bottle n throw that shit into the ocean.' Because i don't like fucking mac miller? I actually find it disturbing that you would consider that as passable hip-hop b/c it's absolute garbage. Anyone who enjoys that shit completely compromises any credibility they like to think they have.


Im incredulous to the fact that you could know any number of half decent hip-hop artists and still like mac miller, which leads me to believe that YOU are ignorant and haven't the slightest conception of what quality hip-hop sounds like. Get fucked dude!

This song is so sick! We get to hear his stoned ass talking about kool aid and pizza! And his producer is sick!

He just jacked the fucking beat from lord finesse, 'hip 2 da game', which is literally one of the best songs of all time. The fact that mac thought he was on the level to use this beat is fucked. I would go so far to say it's blasphemous because he sucks so badly compared to finesse.

And the worst part is, i bet only about 5% of you have any clue who i am talking about. Lord finesse-the man who taught big l how to rhyme, and one of the illest producers of all time. THAT is what gets me with you mac miller fans.

And to claim that i'm ignorant-HA!

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