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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Lemmings for Macintosh. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Passwords (Fun) Level Password 01: Just dig! (none) 02: Step-A IJJLDNCCCN 03: Step-B NJLDLCADCY 04: Step-C HNLHCIOECW 05: Step-D LDLCAJNFCK 06: Step-E DLCIJNLGCT 07: Step-F LCANLLDHCO 08: Not as hard as it looks CINNLDLICJ 09: As long as you try your best CEKHMDLJCO 10: Smile if you love Lemmings MJHMDLCKCW 11: Keep your hair on Mr. Passwords (Tricky) Level Password 01: This could be a doodle! HCEONONPDX 02: We all fall down CINNONHQDL 03: A ladder would be handy CAJJLDMBEV 04: Here's one I prepared earlier KJHLDMCCEO 05: Careless clicking costs lives OHLLICADEO 06: Lemming-o-long HLDMCMOEEX 07: Been there, seen it, done it.

LDMCCJNFEP 08: Lemming sanctuary in sight DMCMJLLGEY 09: They just keep on coming ICGNLNMHEO 10: There's a lot of them about CMNLLDMIEO 11: Lemmings in the attic CCJIMDMJEP 12: Bitter Lemming KKIOLICKEP 13: Lemming Drops OHOLICALEJ 14: Menacing! HMDMCINMEL 15: Ozone friendly Lemmings MDMCAJLNEU 16: Luvly Jubly LMBIJNOOEY 17: Diet Lemming-aid ICANNMLPEQ 18: It's Lemmingentry Watson CINLMDMQET 19: Postcard from Lemming-land CCKHNNIBFP 20: One way of digging to freedom KJKLFMCCFU 21: Going their separate ways NILFMCGDFT 22: Turn around young Lemmings! KNNICONEFU 23: From the boundary line NNICGKOFFO 24: Tightrope City NMBMKNNGFX 25: Cascade MCCOMLFHFY 26: I have a cunning plan BKNONFIIFP 27: The Island of the Wicker people CCJKMFMJFU 28: Lost something OKKONICKFY 29: Rainbow island OIMFMCCLFJ 30: The Crankshaft KMFMCKNMFT Passwords (Taxing) Level Password 01: If at first you don't succeed.

MFMCCJONFM 02: Watch out, there's traps about FMCIKLMOFR 03: Heaven can wait (we hope!!!!) ICGNOONPFM 04: Lend a helping hand. CKNOMFMQFL 05: The Prison! GCJKNLHBGT 06: Compression Method 1 KKKLLHGCGL 07: Every Lemming for himself!!! NKNDHGCDGR 08: The Art Gallery ILDLGKOEGL 09: Perseverance LDLGAJNFGS 10: Izzie Wizzie Lemmings get busy DLGKJOLGGO 11: The ascending pillar scenario LGCNOLDHGL 12: Livin' on the Edge GKNOLDLIGU 13: Upside-down World GCJIMLHJGY 14: Hunt the Nessy. KKIMDLGKGO 15: What an AWESOME level NIMDLGGLGO 16: Mary Poplins' land IMDLGONMGX 17: X marks the spot MDLGCJMNGM 18: Tribute to M.C.

MacLemmings for mac

Escher DLGOJMMOGJ 19: Bomboozal LGGNMMDPGW 20: Walk the web rope GKNOOLHQGT 21: Feel the heat! GCJINNHBHU 22: Come on over to my place KJKLFLGCHJ 23: King of the castle OINNHGCDHL 24: Take a running jump. ILFLGONEHR 25: Follow the leader. LFLGCJOFHY 26: Triple Trouble NHGOKONGHM 27: Call in the bomb squad LGCNOLFHHO 28: POOR WE CREATURES! GOOOLNHIHQ 29: How did I dig up the way? GGKKMFHJHK 30: We all fall down! KJIMFLGKHQ Passwords (Mayhem) Level Passwords 01: Steel Works NKMFLGCLHP 02: The Boiler Room IMFLGMNMHY 03: It's hero time!

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ONHGGKONHM 04: The Crossroads FLGKJOMOHK 05: Down, along, up. In that order HGCNOMNPHL 06: One way or another GOOMMNHQHX 07: Poles Apart GCJKLDMBIQ 08: Last one is a rotten egg!

KJILDMGCIX 09: Curse of the Pharaohs NILDMGCDIU 10: Pillars of Hercules ILDMGKOEIO 11: We all fall down! LLIGCJMFIK 12: The Far Side DMGKJOLGIR 13: The Great Lemming Caper MGCNOLDHIO 14: Pea Soup GKNOLDMIIX 15: The Fast Food Kitchen. GGJIMDMJIL 16: Just a Minute. KJIMDMGKIQ 17: Stepping Stones NKMDMGCLIP 18: And then there were four. IMDMGKNMIW 19: Time to get up! OLIGCKMNIW 20: No added colours or Lemmings LIGKJOOOIQ 21: With a twist of Lemming please MGCNOMDPIX 22: A Beast II of a level GKNOMDMQIQ 23: Going up. GGJKNNIBJN 24: All or Nothing OJILFMGCJO 25: Have a nice day!

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NKLFMGCDJJ 26: The Steel Mines of Kessel ILFMGONEJU 27:??? NFIGCKOFJK 28: Mind the step. FMGKJOLGJU 29: Save Me MGCNOLFHJR 30: Rendezvous at the Mountain GKNONNIIJQ.

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