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The Ironies of Social Standards in Sister Carrie Joely followed up with a sweet. Topics Etusivu NA English Literature and Language Prep Screen on FlowVella. FlowVella's presentation platform now supports autoplay videos in the Mac, iPad and iPhone apps. This is a quick 'how to' video on the steps needed to turn on this feature - there aren't many, it's. How products compare to Flowvella, based on review data. In the presentation software market, Prezi is the anti-slide, the antidote to boring old slide presentations, the liberator from the confines of st. Keynote for Mac makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations.

FlowBoard relaunches as FlowVella. We are excited to reintroduce you to FlowVella, formerly known as FlowBoard. This wonderfully elegant presentation app is available on both. We first reported on this set of apps back in August when it was originally released. It’s a solid presentation app on both platforms and gives well-established presentation software like Keynote and PowerPoint a run for their money. FlowVella gives you the option to start with one of many pre-loaded templates. And then allows you to customize it any number of ways.

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One of the nicest features of FlowVella is its cloud storage. As a FlowVella user, you get 500GB/month for free, which allows you to store privately or publicly share your presentations. FlowVella for Mac This update that was just released this week is the first for the Mac version (1.1) and only second for the iPad version (1.2.2). Some of the new features included are: FlowVella for Mac. presenter notes with presenter screen. auto play / auto advance – timed pages. import PPTX files as Flows (v.09).

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import PSD files as flattened images. support for retina graphics on Mac FlowVella Education (iPad). improved stability of the app, bug fixes. iOS 8 inspired redesign across the entire app. better integration with Adobe Creative Cloud SDK Rebranding was also a part of this update. So, why the name change? Well, it initiated with some legal issues that FlowVella developer, Treemo Labs, had with news-based app, Flipboard.

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As part of the dispute, Flipboard requested that Treemo change FlowBoard’s name to something else. As a result, FlowBoard became FlowVella.

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The name is consistent with the mission of FlowVella – for users to share their stories or, “novella,” with the world. FlowVella’s relaunch comes with the additional benefit of a discounted price. The regular retail price of FlowVella is $19.99, but is currently reduced to $4.99. FlowVella also has a ‘premium’ option that users can upgrade to for a low cost monthly or annual fee with additional features including presentation metrics to track views, larger file sizes, additional templates and more. For more information on FlowVella, visit.

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