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After twelve years of covering wonderful, playful, emotional games, is splitting off from its longtime owner UBM (GDC, Gamasutra, etc!) & going independent as. We're carrying over all of our old posts and articles with a brand new look and name, but with that same dream of finding the best and brightest in digital experiences. And we need your help! Here's what's happening! All About IndieGamesPlus We've added new contributors & a brand new (modern!) website to make IndieGamesPlus, which is look into the world of indie games and their development, continuing to provide coverage of new, unique games, interviews with the artists who created them, and reviews and editorials that delve into the nuances of many titles.

The game now works (well!) with controllers, and it’s now possible to play through the entire game in split-screen co-op. There are a bunch of new items and abilities, the story has been. Shufflepuck is based on my popular 2005 Mac indie game, but features a completely new core, vastly improved opponent intelligence, resizable paddles, more realistic gameplay, an improved two player split screen mode, cool 1920s music and new special effec.

Our goal is to find the games few are talking about and give them the spotlight they deserve, promoting the variety, inclusivity, and heart that is poured into these works. We also aim to move beyond the newest releases, opening our doors to games of all ages. Too many incredible works get left by the wayside because they were missed during their launch window. We aim to highlight any and all evocative games, regardless of when they were released. In that spirit, we have introduced a Random Post section on IndieGamesPlus, which highlights a random legacy post from's twelve year history, introducing readers to unique games from years before. (BTW, the entire domain will redirect to IndieGamesPlus sometime in the next few days, so we'll get the benefit of all that historical site traffic). These games were worth playing then, and they're well worth playing now.

We are not just focusing on the old, though, and with our looks at new games come some new faces to cover them. In addition to current editors myself (Joel Couture), Tim W., Thomas Faust, and Julia Couture, we are pleased to welcome, whose tireless work to cover game jam games has explored the works of thousands of developers, and, Editor-in-Chief of, who has been hard at work showcasing indie games and indie board games, to our new site. We look forward to the delightful games and new perspectives they will bring. We also aim to be on the lookout for other new perspectives in games and in our writers. We are striving to cover works from artists of all walks of life from across the world, and are actively looking to write about digital experiences from LGBTQ creators and developers of color. For our readers as well, we look to make IndieGamesPlus a safe, welcoming space for all, one where we treat each other with kindness and respect.

We will make every effort to make this a comfortable place, one where we can grow together as artists and players. To these ends, we ask that you. Even a small donation goes a long way to helping us pay our writers and bring on more diverse game journalists to broaden our coverage and views of games and their meanings.

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We welcome your support in any way you can give it, though, and hope you will continue along with us on this amazing journey through what games can be. Some Goodbye Notes For IndieGames To our readers of the past twelve years, we thank you for coming on this long, surreal, delightful path with us. It has been amazing to show you the works of so many incredible artists and the unique things they have done in the medium of games. It has been a source of constant joy to find these games and emotional, digital experiences and to do what we can to bring them to you. We hope we have brought something special to you through our work, and that you'll follow us to our new home. To the developers who have created all of these special works, we are honored to have been able to speak about your art.

We have watched as your creativity and passion have helped shape what games can be. We've had fun in unique new ways, gotten ourselves into utterly absurd situations, and found the smiles hidden in the smallest moments of our everyday lives.

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Your endless ideas and inspirations make every day all the brighter, and we're ecstatic to continue seeing the new experiences you create. This work has also blessed us with some wonderful friendships with some of the most caring people on this planet. You are too many to mention, but I want you to know that your spirit enriches our lives. Your kindness and care for others is a constant inspiration, and the work you to do help us understand your lives and those of people who suffer is something we can never repay. Thank you for doing what you can to make this world better. Thank you for making each convention a place of laughter (and severe exhaustion), and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future.


We would especially like to thank Konstantinos, Lena, Thomas, Julia, Christian, Mike, Chloi, Cassandra, John, Anthony, and all of the other writers who have worked with us here over the years. Personally, your desire to cover the varied world of indie games has spurred me to keep digging for those experiences that might be lost. For the writers who came before me, you made me want to do the work you did, and in going through the archives one last time, I am humbled by the breadth of works you found and how you made me wish to try them. We would also like to thank Simon and Kris. Your constant support and belief in us has been a great gift, and your efforts to help the indie game scene grow and thrive, and to celebrate the art being made within it, is an even greater one. Most of all, I would like to thank Tim W, the original (and before that Indygamer) founder.

You have been a beloved friend and teacher through my time here. I cannot thank you enough for the work you've done in covering indie games, and for being my partner in this new adventure. Games can be a force for change. An agent to teach us to feel what others do.

They can be dark, horrible things in an industry plagued by dark, horrible things, but we have also seen the light of hope they can provide as well. Thank you for sharing your light with us.

We hope to continue to pass it along for many years to come. Please Joel Couture Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Is a book of charming monsters and their descriptions, all for a game that does not exist. Not that this mattered for Splendidland, developer of Tender Caves of Death, as this look at monsters detached from a game carried that sense of discovery that came with cracking open strategy guides for Earthbound, Banjo Kazooie, and more, creating a digital space within the reader's mind that called up imaginary game worlds. 'I used to love reading strategy guides for games I never got to play, so why not make a guide for a game nobody has played? I loved the guide of Banjo Kazooie because it had so many different characters, and I still haven't played that game!'

Indie Game Downloads For MacIndie Game Downloads For Mac

Says Splendidland.

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