How Do I Disable The Favicons On Firefox For Mac

Just upgraded to FF57. Use to rely on Roomy Bookmarks toolbar but this doesn't work with the new FF57. Is there any way to remove the icons/favicons from my. You’ll have to restart Firefox, but the favicons will be gone entirely. Personally, I love favicons, but this article was a request. To restore the favicons, return to Firefox’s advanced setting page; and switch the Favicons and values to true. You can also remove Firefox bookmark favicons with the Bookmark Favicon Changer add-on.


OK, I'll start by saying that I just bought a new MacBook so I'm working with the factory settings here. In both Firefox and Safari I am storing bookmarks to the bookmark toolbar. The favicons never appear there, however. Only the title appears.

How do i disable the favicons on firefox for mac

Xto7 for final cut pro download from video for mac. I have tried clicking on the bookmark to get the favicon to load/refresh, restarting the browser, etc but it never shows up. How do I enable favicon display for the bookmark toolbar? Before anyone asks, yes I am viewing websites that have favicons. To be clear, I have even added to the toolbar and it only shows 'Super User' with no icon.

How Do I Disable The Favicons On Firefox For Mac

Any help is appreciated. This is driving me nuts.

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