Hauppauge Ir Remote Driver For Mac

This package contains the files needed for installing the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-5525 IR Remote Utility. If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix problems, add new functions, or expand existing ones. IR remote control applet. IR Remote control application. Program name: IR32.exe. There are several third party applications which support HD PVR on a Mac. These applications are sold separately. One of them can be found at. Remove the Hauppauge driver and applications from your PC.

Binary package hint: lirc Running Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 64-bit. LIRC will not find the Hauppauage HVR-1600 remote. The same procedure below was performed on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and the remote just worked: sudo apt-get install lirc After the install, it will configure. I choose Hauppauge TV Card and I do not use an IR Transmitter. Using irw, it would show that the commands were found.

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Hauppauge Ir Remote Driver For Mac

/dev/lirc0 is not even created. It seems that the previously used module (lirci2c) no longer is finding the card as it did previously. ProblemType: Bug Architecture: amd64 Date: Sat Oct 17 21: DistroRelease: Ubuntu 9.10 NonfreeKernelMo dules: nvidia Package: lirc 0.8.6-0ubuntu2 ProcEnviron: LANG=enUS.UTF-8 SHELL=/bin/bash ProcVersionSign ature: Ubuntu 2.6.31- 14.48-generic SourcePackage: lirc Uname: Linux 2.6.31-14-generic x8664. I opted to re-insert the old Hauppauge PVR-150 card into the computer one PCI slot above the Hauppauage HVR-1600. I then put the transmitter/IR cable into the IR port on the PVR-150 and then turned the PC on.

After doing so, Ubuntu/LIRC found the PVR-150 remote was attached and the remote is now working. However, the question is - why are both the HVR-1600 and the WinTV-Go Plus IR/Transmitters no longer being detected or working?

Log of dmesg grep 'lirc' after putting in the PVR-150: 13.477963 lircdev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 61 13.824620 lirci2c: chip 0x10020 found @ 0x71 (Hauppauge PVR150) 13.824623 lircdev: lircregister driver: samplerate: 10 This is not really a workaround for those who do not have a PVR-150. At least I have my main HTPC box up and going with the remote again, unfortunately with an extra tuner card I didn't want to put back in. And, then the HTPC box in the master bedroom no longer works with the remote - this is the one with the Hauppauge WinTV-Go Plus card in it. This appears to be a problem with the 2.6.31 kernel drivers. From Jaron Wilson on the LIRC mailing list: The root of the problem is that the i2c client model changed significantly in 2.6.31, and some drivers (such as the cx18 driver for the HVR-1600) weren't updated soon enough for the 2.6.31 window, meaning even ir-kbd- i2c is broken with them as well. What needs to happen is some patchification of those drivers in a 2.6.31.x stable release, I think (going to ping some v4l/dvb folks on that). What we did on Dave's box is build the cx18 driver (well, all v4l-dvb drivers) from v4l-dvb mercurial, and all was well again.

Hauppauge Ir Remote Driver For Mac

Short version: hg clone cd v4l-dvb make make install If you get errors about some driver or another not building, if its one you don't need, you can disable it from being built in v4l/ Makefile.media (the firedtv driver was failing on Dave's system for some reason). If you update your kernel to another that still doesn't have the required i2c fixage in it, you'll lose the fixes from v4l-dvb, but can get 'em back by going back into that v4l-dvb checkout and rebuilding (after doing a 'make distclean' so the build uses the new kernel headers instead of the prior one). I've been screwing with this since lirc 0.8.4a became obseleted with 2.2.28 kernel changes. I use a PVR-1600 which has been providing me with a fine new recreational activity that regularly replaces watching tv with fixing tv. Don't get me wrong; tons and tons of fine work in all the ivtv,cx18 code, etc etc - It's been fun reading code/posts from Hans, Andy etc as my card went from entirely supported to functional in mainline kernel drivers.

I have fiddled with 0.8.6 release and cvs pulled the mercurial repo from v4l, remade any variety of modules and was generally stonewalled. I thought I was onto something with some very odd looking KERNEL VERSION IFDEFMADNESS in i2cdev but it turns out I was just tired. Helplessly googling instead of watching House I did come across a interesting read starting out with: ir-kbd-i2c: Switch to the new-style device binding model 2009-04-04 -fascinating 3 way match between kernel maintainers, various v4l people and in an uninvolved/offhand way lirc.the only summary I can come up with is that there is great confusion and discussion on what style of standard can be applied to something as diverse as an i2c device, the failings and merits of various pre-existing schemas.abolishing i2c-dev, or ir-kbd-i2c or perhaps all of them seem to be opinioned as options. Re: RFC Anticipating lirc breakage 2009-04-07 -a bit of the fallout discussed in this ominous looking post.

I never really did find discussion around this on the sourceforge hosted lirc mailing list, but I have not the patience to wait for them. Somewhere in the next 6 months a variety of other things happen; new kernels arrive and disappear with and without regressions between the deadly triumvirate of kernel/v4l/lirc.

Turns out that i2c drivers are still all over the road, and again I stop watching TV. Re: cx18 i2c changes for 2.6.31.x? 2009-10-20 (/msg10856.

Html) -makes clear the necessity of a recent pull of v4l to get the cx18 cards working with ir-kbd-i2c On a whim, I loaded ir-kbd-i2c today. Nov 3 21:10:45 indulgent kernel: input: i2c IR (CX23418 Z8F0811 Hauppau as /devices/ virtual/ input/input7 Nov 3 21:10:45 indulgent kernel: ir-kbd-i2c: i2c IR (CX23418 Z8F0811 Hauppau detected at i2c-0/0-0071/ir0 cx18 i2c driver #0-0 Note that in one of the lengthy discussions about not breaking anything they decided to leave ir-kbd-i2c arranged such that nothing loads it. But it loads. Very interesting! Quick like a fox, I recompiled lircd with the 'Linux input layer (/dev/input/ eventX) ' selected. Sudo lircd -n -device= /dev/input/ event7 -output= /var/run/ lirc/lircd lircd-0.8.6: lircd(devinput) ready, using /var/run/lirc/lircd lircd-0.8.6: accepted new client on /var/run/lirc/lircd lircd-0.8.6: initializing '/dev/input/event6' Promising! With great zeal I dove into the corners of my computer room, searching for the long buried remote.

Indi@indulgent: $irw 010161 00 Go HVR-1100 Go HVR. Well, I do need to set this up (again). I am tempted to as. November 26, 2009.


I got an automatic upgrade and it killed the lirc remote. So I started trying to solve the problem. It seemed to be the irkbdi2c module. The actual source code is for ir-kbd-i2c (notice the difference between and -). Apparently, modprobe does not distinguish these two symbols!

In any event the module does not create the /dev/input/event# anymore and gives no indication as to why. I tried to recompile the lirc-0.8.6 package as it has the module but that led to no joy.

So I got the v4l-dvb package (cx18 package) and compiled it. I had to disable the compilation of the FireDTV module (see Multimedia- DVB/ATSC section of make menuconfig) as there were errors in compiling that module, and I did not need it anyway.

Then I did a make install and a modprobe cx18. And everything started working again. Here is the dmesg output. I think that I can help you Jeff.

But, before doing that. Today (December 5) I got another kernel update. This again broke cx18, and irkbdi2c, as far as the Hauppauge 1600 PVR card is concerned. When I modprobed cx18, there were no /dev/videoxx entires and of course, modprobe irkbdi2c did not generate any lirc devices either since the TV card was not installed. I again recompiled the modules from (cx18 package). Make release, make clean, make install, make unload, modprobe cx18, modprobe irkbdi2c, /etc/init.d/lirc start, /etc/init. And everything works again.

Jeff: What program are you controlling with the remote? You may have to edit /home//. Lircrc with new 'button' values.

You get the button key codes from running irw. I am trying to use the remote with xbmc. I seem to get no output from irw at all. Which sort of confuses me because the remote still has some functionality.

It seems like with this setup the remote is creating a /dev/input device that linux seems to think is a keyboard. Thus the 'keyboardy' keys work ike they would on a keyboard, but the special remote keys do not work at all. Now I admit that something might be wrong in my /etc/lirc/. config files, can you provide some info on how yours are setup.

If you only `modprobe cx18` and `modprobe irkbdi2c` then your remote will act like an infrared keyboard. Irw will not work as it needs the lircd daemon running before it will work as an ir remote for other programs. So I suspect that you have the correct modules loaded but. You do not have lircd running). Try `ps -ef grep lirc` to see if it is running.

If not (and probably even if it is running), you need to follow the instructions in message 10 above to compile and install lircd for the use of /dev/input/event# input. There are detailed instructions there for the required /etc/lirc/ hardware. Conf, /etc/lirc/ lircd.conf and /home/ /.lircrc files.

Hauppauge Drivers Download

Just for fun I removed my compiled version of lircd and installed the current lirc package (apt-get remove lirc and then apt-get install lirc). This installs the 0.8.6 lirc. It is not the one that is needed for use of the remote with the Haupauge 1600 card as described in message 10 above. When you have the proper lircd compile, installed and launched by rebooting (or executing `/etc/init.d/lirc start`) then you will get the keycodes when you run irw. And if you run irexec as a daemon you can direct translated keycodes to specific programs to get the effects that you want. I have the Hauppauge HVR-1600 (1199) card with the grey remote (A415-HPG-A), and I have spent the last few days trying everything to make my remote work, but so far no results. I do not have any problems using the card to watch TV using the cx18 driver that comes with Mythbuntu 9.10 or any new cx18 drivers that I compile.

The only problem that I have is loading the new ir-kbd-i2c module and getting the remote to work (it always gets 'killed'). I'm running a fresh install of Mythbuntu 9.10, with all of the available updates (including kernel 2.6.31-17-generic). I have tried using these methods with the 2.6.31-14 packages, and they did not work.

I have also tried using these methods with the updated 2.6.31-17 packages, and they also did not work. I tried the following solutions for making the remote work, but they also did not work: - (ir-kbd-i2c is 'killed') - (compilation errors) I've followed the instructions from posts #12, #14 and #16 above, and I'm able to compile and install the LIRC 0.8.6 and V4L-DVB packages, but I cannot load the ir-kbd-i2c modules into memory after I reboot. I always get a 'killed' message after the modprobe, and related messages printed to the kernel buffer (dmesg). For example: frank@desktop:$ sudo modprobe ir-kbd-i2c Killed frank@desktop:$ frank@desktop:$ dmesg. I have the Hauppauge HVR-1600 card with the grey remote (A415-HPG-A) and have also been trying to get it working, without any success so far. I have a mythbuntu 9.10.

$ uname -r 2.6.31-19-generic After reading this posting, I updated the cx18 drivers (using Jeremy Yoder's post #5). Checking dmesg output looks like the tuner is functional except for the remote. Able to see live video in myth also. However there is no /dev/lircd0 created, buttons do not get recognized in irw.

Hauppauge Ir Remote Driver For Macbook Pro

Since others have gotten it to work earlier, Iam guessing it is something wrong in my setup. I installed lirc using apt-get, not by compiling from source. $ sudo apt-get install lirc mythbuntu- lirc-generator lirc-x Is this ok or do I need to compile and install lirc from source? My dmesg for lirc $ dmesg grep lir 23.347623 lircdev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 61 I don't know if my /etc/lirc/ hardware. Conf has any issues as I pieced it from reading several postings online. $ cat /etc/lirc/ hardware. Conf REMOTE='Hauppauge TV card' REMOTE MODULES= 'lircdev lirci2c' REMOTEDRIVER=' REMOTE DEVICE= '/dev/lirc0' REMOTESOCKET=' REMOTE LIRCDCONF= '/usr/share/ lirc/extras/ moreremotes/ hauppauge/ lircd.conf.

Hauppauge' REMOTE LIRCDARGS= ' TRANSMITTER='None' TRANSMITTER MODULES= ' TRANSMITTER DRIVER= ' TRANSMITTER DEVICE= ' TRANSMITTER SOCKET= ' TRANSMITTER LIRCDCONF= ' TRANSMITTER LIRCDARGS= ' STARTLIRCD='true' STARTLIRCMD='true' LOADMODULES='true' LIRCMD CONF='/ usr/share/ lirc/extras/ moreremotes/ hauppauge/ lircmd. Conf.hauppauge' FORCENONINTERA CTIVERECONFIGU RATION= 'false' I checked the logs for any known issues in v4l-db mercurial drivers, don't see any issues for 2.6.31. kernel. I don't have a working hardware.conf to verify against, hoping I have something wrong in that and someone can point it to me. Appreciate if someone can post their working hardware.conf. Updated from 9.04 to 9.10 and then to 10.04 today. Found that in both newer releases my remote stopped working.

Once I made it to 10.04, I looked around and found this thread. Things look like they go back pretty far, so perhaps things are in a better shape today, as I was able to get mine working with no need for special builds.

My current kernel: # uname -r 2.6.32-21-generic (System was brought up-to-date today) My old config (that worked on 9.04 and before): # /etc/lirc/ hardware. Conf # #Chosen Remote Control REMOTE='PVR' REMOTE MODULES= 'lircdev lirci2c' REMOTEDRIVER=' REMOTE DEVICE= '/dev/lirc0' REMOTE LIRCDCONF= 'hauppauge/ lircd.conf. Hauppauge' REMOTE LIRCDARGS= ' My new config (that works now on 10.04) # /etc/lirc/ hardware. Conf # #Chosen Remote Control REMOTE='Hauppauge TV card' REMOTE MODULES= 'irkbd i2c lircdev lirci2c' REMOTE DRIVER= 'dev/input' REMOTE DEVICE= '/dev/input/ event4' REMOTE LIRCDCONF= 'hauppauge/ lircd.conf. Hello all, I hope someone here can give me some guidance. I am using the HVR-1600 and am trying to get the Ir functions - both ways - working.

Wintv Hauppauge Driver

I have Ubuntu 10.4 - 2.6.32-21-generic (#32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 08:10:02 UTC 2010) - installed. Myth is up to date and I think I have newest V4L / CX18 installed and working (mostly). I can simultaneously record one 1080i ATSC stream and one NTSC using the SV1 with acceptable results. I can't figure out what I should do to get both (most important is send - to control a Directv receiver) working on the backend machine.

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