Floating The Zero Using Excel 2011 For Mac

I have 3 documents that 3 different people fill out information on. I am trying to have excel copy over as much information as possible from each sheet to the other. I ran into something I cannot solve. On sheet 1 I have a cell B10 which is a drop down box of values, the values are our internal. For anyone wondering I used a VLOOKUP for. I see Excel 2013 has a function called IFNA which seems exactly what I need, but as noted above I am running Excel for Mac 2011. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Let me first make it clear that I continue to avoid the use of Lion, so I'm not able to verify anything here. My comments below pertain only t the 'expected' behavior of Excel's Full Screen mode.

What I do know of is that Lion has its own Full-Screen Apps feature which is or should be separate & distinct from the View Full Screen option in Excel's menu. IOW, there actually are 2 different, independent 'full screen' features to be concerned with. It's possible that there is a conflict between them, but if so this is the first mention I've seen. Further, as of the latest info I have, the Lion feature isn't supported in Office 2011. The OS X feature - AFAIK - should not have any bearing on the display of Excel's Full Screen mode toolbar.

Neither should the toolbar's singular Close Full Screen button have any effect on the OS X feature. The same is true of the Full Screen command in the View menu. When Full Screen is selected from the View menu a check is placed adjacent to the command, the toolbar appears & the peripheral elements of the document window (Ribbon, Docked toolbars, Status Bar) are hidden.

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Floating The Zero Using Excel 2011 For Mac

Clicking the button on the toolbar or selecting Full Screen from the menu toggle Full Screen off, restoring the peripheral elements & removing the toolbar. Full Screen mode is persistent, though, so if you Quit Excel while that mode is active it will still be active when you next launch the program. IOW, in order to get out of Excel's Full Screen mode you must explicitly turn it off using one of those methods. If you're doing as described above but Excel is remaining in Full Screen mode and/or the Full Screen toolbar continues to display, it's likely cause is a corrupt preferences file. While Excel is not running go to: UserName:Library:Preferences Delete the com.microsoft.Excel.plist file then empty the Trash. See if the issue is resolved when you next launch the program. Regards, Bob J.

Floating The Zero Using Excel 2011 For Mac Download


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