Fiskar's Rollsharp Knife Sharpener {for Mac Knife Pure Joy Planet

Mini Sharpener # LCKEY ( 470016-784 ) - Mini Sharpener, Each. Read the Rollsharp (Fiskars) for MAC Knife discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Stainless Steel food community. Join the discussion today. Yoshikin factories asked him to design a serie of kitchen knives that would appeal. Handmade liquorice is something special, pure gourmet liquorice created from. The unique planetary piping system ensures that the strong blender blades mix. All Philips multigromers are easy to maintain with self-sharpening cutting.

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Fiskars rollsharp knife sharpener for mac knife pure joy planet

The SR-2 Rollsharp is the easiest way to make sure that your MAC knives stay razor-sharp. This device both hones and sharpens your knife at the proper 15 degree angle on both sides of the knife. Each forward and back stroke finely grinds and polishes both sides of the knife simultaneously for quick results. The gentle nature of the ceramic wheel reduces the risk of grinding an excess amount of metal away from the knife, ensuring the longest possible life for the knife. Just 10-15 strokes (takes only a few seconds) in the Rollsharp every month or two will keep your knife sharp enough to shave newspaper in a single swipe. Completely mechanical, no need for batteries or electricity.

Fiskars Rollsharp Knife Sharpener For Mac Knife Pure Joy Planet

It is ready to use, no need to soak or use water in the sharpener; just rinse it out occasionally under the faucet to clear out debris. Can be used on MAC serrated edges. When sharpening serrated knives with this sharpener, tilt the blade so that the left side is leaning against the guard. Made in Finland by Fiskars for MAC.

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