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Aug 13, 2017 - How to use Revit on a Macintosh OS X system. Bootcamp: This allows you to boot your system into a Windows operating system, and take full advantage of the hardware. Virtual Machine: Using virtualization software (Parallels / VMWare) you can create a virtual hardware environment. Apr 17, 2018 - Autodesk has released a new version of its BIM software Revit, which was. Finally, Revit 2019 lets users display materials in more lifelike quality, due to. A version of Revit for Mac isn't popular enough to be a high priority.

We are seeing an increasing number of our CAD clients make the move to Mac. When asked why they decided to make the transition, many replied with similar answers. The most common being security, high quality retina displays, an improved operating system and usability. However, many Revit users are still reluctant to make the move to Mac for one obvious reason. The CAD software is simply not compatible with the current Mac operating system.

Although this doesn’t exactly mean that you can’t use Revit on your Mac operating system. As many people have found a workaround and that meant running Boot Camp which turns your Mac into a Windows PC. However, you could argue this defeats the point of purchasing and using a Mac. It would also be very difficult for you to access support if you were to run into any problems with the software. Even though Revit isn’t supported by Mac, it is one of the most popular Autodesk applications used by Mac owners. Therefore, Autodesk was keen to resolve this issue and make Revit fully usable for the highly sought after Apple Mac.

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Revit finally certified for Mac Recently Autodesk set to resolve the issue and teamed up with. The companies worked together to enable users to access Revit via the cloud using any browser, with no plugins required and is officially certified!

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This means users will still have access to support if they choose to run Revit using Frame. Frame comes in. Frame Personal for individual users using the software on their own personal computer. Frame business for larger teams who want to work collaboratively in the cloud and finally Frame Platform for software publishers. If you would like to try out this feature please go to: Want to upgrade to the latest version of Revit? Check out the or talk to one of our sales team.

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