Dvr Xrplus Xrs 2008 Triplex Software For Mac

This is my first post, so first things first. GLad I found the forums, looks active and well laid out!

  1. Dvr Xr Plus Xrs 2008 Triplex Software For Mac
  2. Dvr Xr Plus Xrs 2008 Triplex Software For Mac

Now to my question. I am not sure if VLC is the correct app, but here goes anyway. I have a Video Surveillance system that is comprised of 4 cameras and a standalone DVR.

The DVR is reachable via TCP/IP, and is part of my LAN. Video is streamed in this system using H.264.I currently am using it's software to view via the Interent what happens in my store. AS things stand, the system works but is a serious CPU usage hog.

At home, running Vista 32 Bit Ultimate the CPU shows 100% usage when I am remote viewing. Images are very choppy, the program hangs a lot and is not very stable.

MPEG-4 Triplex DVR 4, 8, and 16 Channel Models Available For order assistance, questions and inquiries, please contact one of our sales consultants at.

I have also tried running it in XP compatible mode, and also on an XP SP3 machine but no change, it still sux! THe makers of the system are about as much help as a blind man can help you across the street. Other than, that's what we got, there are no other answers forthcoming from them. My ISP has provided me with a static IP address. Bandwidth is 3MB down, 1.5 up.

THere is no real heavy data usage, just surfing to certain sites to enable the business to function. At home, I have 15MB up and down via FIOS. I was hoping that VLC might be a better option. So, my setup works, sort of.

I can view from a remote location but the application is hogging way too much CPU. AS mentioned before, images are choppy most of the time. I downloaded VLC today, and was tooling around trying to see if it would work.

Dvr xr plus xrs 2008 triplex software for mac

I have the following questions, and need to confirm I am not smoking something illegal. 1) Can I use a PC that is part of my LAN at work, that is also a client of the LAN where the DVR is a client, to view via VLC instead of the sub par viewer that came with my DVR? 2) Should I configure said PC at work to act as the server in the relationship?

Presumably the PC at home would be a client, also running VLC? 3) If question 1 and 2 are positive, how do I do this? Any help you can provide will be much appreciated! WEll, I'm sorry to say, I have no clue how to do that.

Edit: After reading through the doc pages, I stil don't know whether I'll be able to 'see' the video traffic. From another client on the LAN, I tried opening a stream to the DVR via HTTP, by typing in the Internal IP address of the DVR plus the port number and I get an error message 'unable to open.' This DVR uses TCP/IP, and not UDP (that I'm aware of). I also tried leaving off the port number, and got the same result. I have tried disabling my firewall software, as well, with the same result. It is an SDVS 1904 model made by the fine folks at From their website 'Founded in 2005, Atlantis Product Company(APC)manufactures video electronic products ranging from DIY video surveillance systems to digital cameras.

Palatino screen font ms word for mac free. Products are sold under the Navigator, Videoman and Multicam brands for security products and the Atlantis brand for underwater camera products. All the products are engineered and designed in USA. Atlantis products are assembled at APC’s location in New Jersey. Our newest addition is a line of consumer security products that will be sold under the SECURITY FIRST brand.' The front panel says TRIPLEX NETWORK DVR.

Dvr Xr Plus Xrs 2008 Triplex Software For Mac


Dvr Xr Plus Xrs 2008 Triplex Software For Mac


THere is a USB port on the front panel for upgrading firmware (I have the latest, v1.04) In the back, a VGA port for the monitor, 4 RJ45 connectors for the cameras and an ethernet port as well. If it makes any difference, I am using a USRobotics 4 port router, model USR5461. In the configuration options I can assign IP via DHCP or manually (currently set for DHCP) I can choose which port to communicate also (currently port 80) I can also choose to use a DDNS service in the cloud for remote control. It is currently pointed to Thank you for taking the time to help.

Please let me know if I should provide you with any other information. I'm trying to get this thing to let me see video over the LAN. It's a Security First SDVS-1904 DVR with 4 cameras. I ran the Cat5 cable and connected it to the D-Link DL624 router. From the DVR, I pulled the IP address and port that the router assigned it per the instructions.

I set it to port 08000. I set a static IP for the DVR in the router. Looks like I did everything right. But no connection. I have the software installed on the computer.

I set it to port 8000 with the same IP number as the DVR and click connect, but it just sits there and never connects. I can open a command window and ping the DVR and it answers me.

But no picture. The computer is a late-model HP running Vista home premium. It's connected to the internet thru the router and a Motorola Surfboard cable modem. I have tried 2 versions of the Integrated Remote Station software, set both up according to instructions but nothing. WHAT AM I MISSING? This thing SHOULD work.

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