Dungeon Map Maker For Mac

  1. Dungeon Painter Studio is a powerful encounter map design tool, with a lot of features: Layers and groups Easy import of custom art Export to multipage pdf for.
  2. The Campaign Cartographer range of map making software allows you to create beautiful maps, from world to local scale, of real and imaginary places.

The TP-1 (Tropycal RPG engine 1 ) is a set of modules, with various functions, that will make the rpg creating and play easy. It is in the 'code' folder, totally writed in Python programming language, using Pygame API. It simulates persons, battles, animals and vegetals, timed actions, weather and more.

The version 1.09 or above can run a game module from a zip file automatically. You dont need to extract it! The version 1.12 have a very simple network support, tested on GNU/Linux and Windows.

Here we present links to other useful tools and resources to use with Battlegrounds: RPG Edition and/or Battlegrounds Gaming Engine. While we think you might find the information useful, the fact that a product or site is listed here does not necessarily mean that we endorse them or their products. If you would like to be listed here, or wish to suggest that we list a particular site or product, please visit our and post your suggestion there. Links that are not hyperlinks are known to be defunct websites, and are recorded here for historical purposes only. MAPPING SOFTWARE Dundjinni Produces beautiful maps (especially battlemaps).

As is, it's a great minimap or dungeon maker for tabletop RPGs, and if you ever wanted to put more content in it, it could get widespread use for all types of mapping stuff. It's definitely gonna see a lot of use in my games going forward, thank you so much.

Note: This software cannot currently be purchased, due to the DJ Store being offline. ProFantasy The makers of Campaign Cartographer 2, CC3, and other mapping programs. AutoREALM RPGMapMaker Mac-only MapCrafter Note: The link below is now defunct.

DungeonForge MapMaker zMapper Benny’s Dungeon Map Maker Note: The link below is now defunct. StoneSword.com Free mapping software that works right in your browser. Dungeon Tile Mapper Dungeon Crafter 3 Inkarnate Browser-based mapping site, currently in beta. Hexmapper Registration to the Yahoo Group is required to download the program. HexDraw Hexographer Free and commercial versions available. Dungeon Demon Previously commercial, free version now available. Grumble Mapper Donation-ware.

Cross-platform (Adobe AIR). Grid Mapper Donation-ware. Dungeonographer From the developer of Hexographer.

Free and commercial versions available. Dungeon Painter Free; runs in a browser.

Ortelius Professional cartography/mapping software. Mac OS X only. BG MapEditor Free; WIP Ye Olde Map Maker Explorations Lior’s Map Creator Free, Windows-only Worldspinner Currently in beta.

May require a subscription. Fantasy Map Builder Currently in beta. Browser-based, with Fog of War feature. Map Maker Free. Dungeon Painter Studio Currently on Steam Greenlight. MapForge Commercial app currently on Kickstarter (already funded), but also offers free use level. FREE ART RPGMapShare.com A highly recommended repository of maps and artwork for RPGs.


Be sure to set the Usage Rights for any artwork that you upload here, or it will be promptly deleted. Dundjinni Forums An extremely friendly and helpful community that posts new artwork daily. You might even be able to request a specific prop that you need, and have it a few days later.

All the artwork posted on these forums is free to download for personal use, and much of it can even be used commercially. Dundjinni’s Free Download of the Week Discontinued. ROLEPLAYING AIDS CSUAC The new home of the CSUAC art archives (a treasure-trove of free artwork originally compiled from the Dundjinni forums, but perfect for use with BRPG). CrystalBall3 Mac-only. PCGen RPG character generator & maintenance program Java-based (multi-platform). RPG Patsy A replacement for your pencil and paper character sheet Java-based (multi-platform). Roleplaying Tips A weekly newsletter/e-zine.

DA: The Roleplayer’s Digital Assistant A game-independent software toolset (Windows-only). Map Mage Lots of different software tools (some free, most for sale, Windows-only). Turn Watcher An initiative tracker for GMs (Windows and Linux only) On-Screen DM Screen A handy online reference tool for d20 System. Arr-Kelaan Software’s RPG Tools Lots of different software tools (free, for Windows 95 only). Treasure Tables Advice, tips, ideas, and resources for GMs.

MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS The RPG SoundMixer A tool specifically designed to create music and effect backgrounds for “Pen&Paper” RPG sessions. SoundDogs The largest sound effects library on the internet.

FindSounds SoundBible FreeSFX Tabletop Audio VOICE CHAT APPLICATIONS Using these can significantly speed up play of online game sessions, but all users will probably need to have a broadband internet connection. Most of these are available in both Windows and Mac versions. Skype Also supports video conferencing (which is not free) Ventrilo Great push-to-talk feature Gizmo Ineen TeamSpeak (Note: the unofficial and unrelated “TeamSpeex” Mac client is still in beta) Dolby Axon Supports surround sound (but not in the free client, which is good for up to 5 users) Discord Free, supports browsers, Friends list, multiple channels, direct messaging VIRTUAL TABLETOP (VT) PROGRAMS FOR RPGs Below are links to every virtual tabletop program I could find, both free and commercial, so you can judge for yourself which tool best fits your needs. Note that if there is no hyperlink, it’s on purpose. The site is known to no longer exist, and I’ve simply posted the last known link that used to work, in case someone wants to track it down on. Commercial Programs: Battlegrounds: RPG Edition That’s what the rest of this site is about. I’m just including BRPG to make the list complete.

Fantasy Grounds Windows-only. Many people like the look and feel of this app, and the 3D dice rolling. D20Pro Java-based, 2-week free trial license. ScreenMonkey Only the GM must pay.

Players play free, using their web browser. The GM app is Windows-only. A Lite version is available for free. ITabletop Pandoren (v2) Browser-based (requires MS Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and 1 GB RAM) Windows or Mac OS X. Features built-in voice chat, and streaming video/webcam support. EpicTable Windows-only.

RPG Table Mac OS X-only (v10.5.8 or greater). No online play in v1.0. 3DVT In beta. No system requirements publicly available. 3D Virtual Tabletop Free for solo play, subscription-based for online play. IOS and Android Roll20 Browser-based.

Free, or monthly subscription for extra features. Tabletop Connect Windows and Mac OS X. Psi-DiCE VTT – Dice Roller 1.0 Windows, Mac and Linux. VTT is currrently in development, but Dice Roller 1.0 has been released. Beyond Tabletop Browser-based (web app), one time fee (no subscriptions) Battlemat Miniatures Battle System Windows, Mac, Linux Revolution: Virtual Playspace Windows, Mac, Linux Skirmish! VT Windows only, currently Infinitas DM Android and iOS GM Forge Local app for GM (Windows only); players join for free using a browser. Also Role Gate Play asynchronously on mobile or browser.

Astral Browser-based app. Free or subscription-based (monthly or yearly). Formerly known as PowerVTT. Free Programs: OpenRPG Once had the biggest user base of any VTT app. OpenRPG+ This site hosts the development version of OpenRPG. MapTool Java-based.

Developers are actively enhancing this program regularly. VTable (formerly known as Gametable) Java-based. Interactive Dungeon Windows-only Dave’s Flash Mapper Possibly still in development. RPG Manager Windows-only. V2.0 is in development, and screenshots for it are now available. Playing Fields Java-based. Dices Windows-only.

Dungeon Helper Windows-only. Avalomhilly Windows-only. TTopRPG 2.0 Windows-only. Rolistik Windows & Mac OS X. Virtual Tabletop Windows-only. Note that the link below is a download link, not a website. Virtual Game Table (VGT) Windows-only.

Irony Games’ MapMagical Encounter Editor Java-based, runs in a web browser. Map Maker (beta) MS Silverlight app, runs in a web browser.

Qex Windows-only. Masterplan Windows-only. No online component Taulukko Donation-ware.

Infrno Unclear whether this is free for good, or free while-in-beta. Windows & Mac OS; has video-conferencing feature. Closing down in June 2018 RPGrounds Unclear whether this will free when released, or just while-in-beta. Will supposedly be a 3D VTT. Live-Tabletop Not even alpha yet.

Will support RPGs and boardgames Fabletop (formerly known as Tabletop Quest) Browser-based. Why use hilbert transform. Unclear whether this will free when released, or just while-in-beta. MyRPG Browser-based. Unclear whether this will free when released, or just while-in-beta.

Mote Java-based. Based on the MapTool codebase. Rolisteam Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Based on Rolistik (see above), with some improvements. Skwyre Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android (iOS eventually), commercial app, but free while in beta DM Tools & Virtual Table Android Dodontof Strictly for Japanese users, Browser-based, requires Flash Player. Discontinued, Abandoned, or Unsupported Programs: WebRPG Note: The link above seems to be dead, which to me indicates that this is a discontinued product, but I’ve found a mirror site, in case you still want to check this out.

KloogeWerks Java-based. Steep learning curve, but powerful. Tabletop Mapper Windows-only. Interactive Adventures Wizard of the Coast pulled the plug on this when they revoked their D&D license, so these are no longer available as of November 30, 2006.

GhostOrb There was never an official announcement that this was cancelled, but the website homepage hadn’t been updated since December 2005, and now the site is gone entirely. Vellum An abandoned project that looked promising. Battle Aide Free.

DNDMapper Theoretically in development, but no updates since December 2005. Online RPG Battle Tool Presumed to be an abandoned project. Probably Windows-only.

V-FORT Windows-only. The site is no longer available. BattlePawn The site is no longer available. RolePlayingMaster Windows-only. YumiChat Windows-only server, Windows and Mac clients. TRIS Text-based only.

Dungeon Map Software

Note: This site seems to no longer be available. AjaxVTT Linux-only. Not for the technically-challenged. Tabletop Mapper Windows-only. Note: This site is no longer available. GlitterComm Windows-only.

RPGWorkbench Runs in a web browser. Virtual Battlemat Runs in a web browser. Note: This site is no longer available. BYOND Tabletop Gaming Presumably still in development, but no updates since August 2005.

D&D Game Table Windows and Mac OS X. Scene Grinder Runs in browser.

WeRole Subscription-based. Features built-in webcam and voice chat. Online Pen & Paper World Windows-only. Tri Axe Dungeons & Dragons Chat Windows-only. D20Map Windows-only. RPGui Windows-only.

The site is no longer available. Battle Map v2.0 Flash-based, runs in your browser. Diavida VTT Runs in a web browser. GRiP No longer developed. Update: The site is no longer available. Tabledice Runs in a web browser (Firefox or Chrome). RPG Tonight Runs in your browser.

ViewingDale Windows-only. Great zoom feature. No longer sold. SyncRPG Based on a MapTool fork.

Epical Online – 3D RPG Virtual Tabletop Runs in your browser. SimpleBM (short for Battle Map) Browser-based. You might wonder why a commercial VTT site such as this one has links to every “competing” VTT (both commercial and free). Many people have said (or at least thought) that I am nuts for doing this, but I want you to make an informed decision before purchasing my products (or choosing another VT), and while I believe Battlegrounds holds up very well when evaluated against other VTs, I also realize that no one program is going to appeal to everyone. Fortunately, gamers have lots of options when it comes to choosing which VTT is right for them. VIRTUAL TABLETOP PROGRAMS FOR WARGAMES, BOARDGAMES & CARD GAMES Battlegrounds: RPG Edition (BRPG) and Battlegrounds Gaming Engine (BGE) That’s what the rest of this site is about.

I’m just including the Battlegrounds software here to make the list complete. Cross-platform (Java-based). The most popular VTT for wargaming, with a huge library of game modules available. CyberBoard PBEM-only.

Built-in voice chat. Aide de Camp 2 (aka ADC2) Commercial app. Taebl MS Silverlight-based. Ditzie Still in beta.

FlexibleRules Windows-only. Sleep Is Death (Geisterfahrer) Cross-platform Wildcard (alpha) Mac OS X only. Board Games Online (beta) Windows-only. ScanPlay Free. Windows and Linux only.

Dungeon Map Maker For Mac

Thoth Engine Windows-only. Virtual Card Table Free. Protohut Free. HexWar Subscription-based, cross-platform.

Virtual Board Free. Work in progress. Intended for TCGs. NanDECK Free. Windows and Linux. Virtual table is for local use only.

Magic Set Editor Free. Windows or Linux. Intended for designing cards. Apprentice Free.

Windows 95 or 98. For playing card games online. Zillions of Games Commercial. Axiom Development Kit A plug-in for Zillions of Games to allow rules enforcement, AI, etc. LackeyCCG Free. Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Play any CCG online. 3DVT No system requirements publicly available. Virtual Deck Free.

Java-based but Windows-only. Anywhere Board Games Free. Intended for use in conjunction with mobile devices. Fortune Engine Programmed ruleset built in. Claims to be both a VTT and a video game. GameGenesis Not yet released.

Will presumably be browser-based, and provide the ability to program game rules. TripleA Free. Downloadable open source Java-based app. IWarSim (aka Heaven) Free.

Windows and Mac. Cockatrice For playing card games. Free, open source. Windows and Mac. The WarGame Processor Commercial ($25). Windows only. Above the Fields Free.

Windows only. Tabloro Free. Card Forest Free. Tabletopia Commercial. Native apps being developed for Windows, Mac, and tablets. Tabletop Simulator Commercial.

Windows, Mac, Linux. Also available on Steam. Tabletop Zen Currently in beta, runs in browser The Virtual Wargames Room Expected to be commercial, if it is ever released.

Universal Battle Free, with option to unlock advanced features with a subscription. Gamegineer Free. Java-based (requires Java 6 or greater), so ostensibly supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. The VTT list was last updated on June 4, 2018. It’s taken a lot of Google searches over many months to come up with this comprehensive list of virtual tabletop software.

I compiled it so that anyone interested in VTTs could use it to easily compare the various products, and it is now the most comprehensive VTT list on the internet. I also hoped that by providing such a useful collection of links, that it would draw people to this site and they might have a look around while they’re here. However, more and more I am seeing my list reposted on various forums. I would rather people not do that, of course, but if you do, at least give credit where credit is due, and don’t try to pass of the information as your own. Comparing and Choosing Virtual Tabletop Software: Guide to Choosing a Virtual Tabletop With so many VTTs to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you and your gaming group. This guide should help.

To comment on the guide, please post (forum registration not required). (5-page PDF, 80 KB) VTT Comparison Chart This chart was originally hosted at the Four Ugly Monsters site. Now that FUM no longer exists, I have offered to host the VTT comparison chart here.

VTT developers are encouraged to periodically email me updated information about their VTT for inclusion in this chart. Sites that cater to Virtual Tabletop Software users: RPG Virtual Tabletop A good source of information about many VTTs, and content for VTTs such as tokens, maps, and adventures. Four Ugly Monsters Note: This site ceased to exist as of the end of September 2010. It was a great VTT-agnostic site, and will be sorely missed. FUMcon (formerly known as iCon) A virtual tabletop game convention, held once a year Note: This site ceased to exist as of the end of September 2010 BOARDGAMING & WARGAMING SITES BoardGameGeek The ultimate source of boardgame and wargame information. Boardgaming.com A less-intimidating (than BGG) boardgame site.

Fortress Ameritrash A haven for lovers of Ameritrash games. ConSimWorld A haven for wargamers. Board Game Designers Forum The place to go if you are interested in designing your own boardgame, card game, wargame, etc.

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