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Interesting SAPGUI thread. We are actually packaging SAPGUI 7.40v10 now.

Hopefully the Java commands can work without someone logged in. Would love to avoid capturing the folder, although it looks like only these items are installed by the Java file: /Appplications/SAP Clients/ /Library/Preferences/SAP/sapgui.registry And then we have to deploy the SAMGUILandscape.xml file, hopefully it can be deployed to the same /Library/Preferences/SAP/ directory.would hate to see has to go into /Library/'$USER'/Library/Preferences/SAP/. SHM at how the Java installer defaults to putting the log file into /var/root/sapgui.log, we of course changed the path to /var/log/sapgui.log.

Download Sap Gui 7.40 For MacSap gui 7.40 free download

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Thanks, putting it into /Library/Preferences/SAP/ didn't seem to work, so will follow your lead and put into each users' home directory. Curious if you're putting the sapgui.registry into /Library/Preferences/SAP/ or if you're putting that into each users' home directory as well? Tried several variations of their install command, including using -elevated (which seems to imply won't need any interation), and/or using -slaveprocess (which is kind of vague), such as: $ sudo java -jar /path/to/PlatinGUI74010-XXXXXXXX.JAR install -force -nodesktopicons -register -slaveprocess -standard -elevated -logfile '/var/log/sapgui.log' -installdir '/Applications/SAP Clients' But the command won't work unless someone is logged in.AND.unless that person or someone else is able to authenticate the dialog box that comes up. Not very silent even though invoked using sudo. Here is their command line help, unfortunately no examples of how to deploy this to thousands of users silently. Looks like the community duct tape made them complacent.

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Download sap gui 7.40 for mac free

Sap Gui 7.30 Download Free

$ java -jar /path/to/PlatinGUI7401-20012037.JAR uninstall -?

Download Sap Gui 7.40 For Mac Free

Before you can configure and use the SAP GUI, you need to download the software from the SAP Marketplace as per steps below - Step 1) Goto to Download SAP GUI 7.40 for Windows Step 2) Enter S-user and password as provided by SAP. Step 3) Goto 'Software Downloads.' Step 4) Choose 'Browse our Download Catalog.' Step 5) Choose SAP Frontend components Step 6) Choose SAP GUI for your OS. In this demo, we will select Windows- Step 7) Choose SAP GUI 7.30 Core which is the latest one. Step 8) Choose installation.

Sap Gui 7.40 Free Download

Step 9) Choose Add to download Basket Step 10) Choose the Download Basket Step 11) Choose Your download and it will begin. Time to configure your GUI Once the download is complete and you have installed the software, it's time to configure it - Step 1) Click on create the button as shown below. Step 2) Click next button Step 3) Fill the Server details. Connection Type: - Custom Application Server(Particular one host). Description: - Name of instance. Application Server: - IP address of remote application server.

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