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This book focuses on data management skills and is an excellent resource for younger middle years students or those engaged in remedial work. The ideas provided use a cross-curricular approach to teaching mathematics.


Applications News Portals Innovadex, an ingredient supply and information resource Innovadex gives FREE ACCESS to thousands of up-to-date documents from suppliers in one location with a login. IngridNet The IngrID database claims over 6,500 different ingredients. It does not charge companies for including their details in 'IngrID on the Net'. This enables them to build a large database.

Datasheet For Mastertop 1207 Egypt

Companies who sponsor their position offer free access to their information to both Registered Users and Subscribers. If you are (just) a New Visitor or a Registered Visitor then you will see how many companies are listed for the product and how many of these suppliers can provide Organic, Non-GM, Kosher and Halal certified products. If you are a Subscriber then you will see the full list of suppliers, this list will be customised to show appropriate companies and information for the country.

Datasheet Format

Food Navigator's ingredient supply list Aimed at anybody looking for ingredeint sources, Food navigator website provides an extensive list of ingredient suppliers with an efficient 'search' function. Datasweet A portal for confectionery industry with extensive events and suppliers connections to search through. SpecialChem4Coating A portal on coating in the chemical industry. A source of ideas to transfer to the food industry. Founded in April 2000, SpecialChem is a knowledge and service provider in the domain of specialty chemicals. Using Internet, e-marketing tools and knowledge management systems, SpecialChem has developed a range of services highly responsive to the needs of specialty chemicals users and producers.

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