Dania Gio Face A Face For Mac

Dania Gio Face A Face. Kompozitori: Djamel Laroussi - Yorgos Benardos. Tekstopisac: Tim Bergling - Ash Pournouri - Mac Davis - Joshua Krajcik.

Date Race Name Race # Track Place Runner Sire 11/28/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 1 Little Song Curlin 11/28/18 Maiden Special Weight 6 1 Yamano Maker (Jpn) Empire Maker 11/26/18 Allowance 6 1 Wentz Super Saver 11/25/18 Notebook S. 4 La Fuerza Flatter 11/25/18 Tepin S. 7 1 South of France Quality Road 11/25/18 Autumn Days S. 8 1 Yorkiepoo Princess Kantharos 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 Flat Awesome Jenny Flat Out 11/25/18 Allowance 6 Six Shooter Trappe Shot 11/25/18 Allowance 7 Ascot Day Street Sense 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 9 Gray Attempt Graydar 11/25/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 10 Happy Like a Fool Distorted Humor 11/25/18 Allowance 11 Share the Upside Maclean's Music 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 12 Cosmic Code Into Mischief 11/25/18 Native Diver S.

3 1 Battle of Midway Smart Strike 11/25/18 Cecil B. 6 1 Flying Scotsman English Channel 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 1 Qahira Cairo Prince 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 3 Creative Award Creative Cause 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 Souper Success Souper Speedy 11/25/18 Maiden Special Weight 5 Inventing Blame Blame 11/25/18 Bessarabian S. 8 1 Moonlit Promise Malibu Moon 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 3 Mihos Cairo Prince 11/24/18 Discovery S. 6 1 Plainsman Flatter 11/24/18 Aqueduct Turf Sprint Championship S. 7 White Flag War Front 11/24/18 Allowance 8 Tommy T Shackleford 11/24/18 Long Island S. 9 1 Lady Paname (Fr) Soldier of Fortune (Ire) 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 10 Jot Shackleford 11/24/18 Allowance 1 Boxwood English Channel 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 2 Naughty Joker Into Mischief 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 3 Admire Cairo Prince 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 Jersey Agenda Jersey Town 11/24/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 5 Needs Supervision Paynter 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 6 Grandaria Curlin 11/24/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 8 Super Steed Super Saver 11/24/18 Golden Rod S. 9 1 Liora Candy Ride (Arg) 11/24/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 10 Forloveofcountry Sky Mesa 11/24/18 Kentucky Jockey Club S.

11 1 Signalman General Quarters 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 12 War of Will War Front 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 2 Gray Magician Graydar 11/24/18 Jimmy Durante S. 5 1 Elsa Animal Kingdom 11/24/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 6 Kershaw Run Away and Hide 11/24/18 Seabiscuit H. 7 Caribou Club City Zip 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 Blueberry Acclaim Acclamation 11/24/18 Berkeley H. 9 Editore (Brz) Redattore (Brz) 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 6 W W Springtime Kantharos 11/24/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 6 Olympic Village Congrats 11/24/18 Willa On the Move S. 7 Late Night Pow Wow Fiber Sonde 11/24/18 Maiden Special Weight 3 Too Much Johnnie Smarty Jones 11/24/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 1 Pearl Heist Graydar 11/24/18 Kennedy Road S. 8 1 Ikerrin Road (Ire) Iffraaj (GB) 11/23/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 Pecan Pattie Afleet Express 11/23/18 Allowance 6 Held Accountable Exchange Rate 11/23/18 Gio Ponti S.


7 Bal Harbour First Samurai 11/23/18 Key Cents S. 8 1 Sassy Agnes Central Banker 11/23/18 Comely S. 9 1 Blamed Blame 11/23/18 Forever Together S. 10 Bombshell Bellamy Road 11/23/18 Allowance 2 1 Copper Bullet More Than Ready 11/23/18 Allowance 9 Ballard High Flat Out 11/23/18 Mrs. 10 1 Princess Warrior Midshipman 11/23/18 Clark H. Presented by Norton Healthcare 11 1 Leofric Candy Ride (Arg) 11/23/18 Maiden Special Weight 12 Laser Loop Smart Strike 11/23/18 Hollywood Turf Cup S. 6 1 Chicago Style Kitten's Joy 11/23/18 Maiden Special Weight 8 Screenshot Bodemeister 11/23/18 Golden Gate Debutante S.

Dania Gio Face A Face For Machine

8 Tomlin Distorted Humor 11/23/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 1 Gladiator King Curlin 11/23/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 8 Heaven's Humor Drosselmeyer 11/23/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 Charlie Irish Temple City 11/23/18 Allowance 2 1 Ardiente (GB) Australia (GB) 11/23/18 Allowance 3 1 Inhale (GB) Bated Breath (GB) 11/23/18 Maiden Special Weight 9 Fashion Faux Pas Flatter 11/23/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 Charge Ahead Will Take Charge 11/22/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 Awesome Alana Violence 11/22/18 Central Park S. 7 1 Five Star General Distorted Humor 11/22/18 Fall Highweight H.

8 1 Life in Shambles Broken Vow 11/22/18 Winter Memories S. 9 Matty's Magnum Even The Score 11/22/18 Maiden Special Weight 6 Whoa Nellie Orb 11/22/18 Maiden Special Weight 8 Free Cover Congrats 11/22/18 Cardinal H. 9 1 English Affair English Channel 11/22/18 Falls City H. 11 1 Prado's Sweet Ride Fort Prado 11/22/18 Maiden Special Weight 2 Bashful Orb 11/22/18 Red Carpet H. 6 1 India Mantuana Wilburn 11/22/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 8 Amandine (GB) Shamardal 11/21/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 1 Demarchelier (GB) Dubawi (Ire) 11/21/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 5 1 Mrs. Kantharos 11/21/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 1 Mini P (Ire) New Approach (Ire) 11/21/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 1 Unmatchable Uncle Mo 11/21/18 Allowance 7 1 Varlebena Violence 11/21/18 Allowance 3 1 Zakouski (GB) Shamardal 11/21/18 Allowance 4 1 Global Spectrum (GB) Dutch Art (GB) 11/21/18 Allowance 5 1 Honest Albert (GB) Sepoy (Aus) 11/21/18 British Stallion Studs EBF Hyde S. (Class 1) (Listed Race) (All-weather Championships Fast Track Qualifier) 6 1 Flaming Spear (Ire) Lope de Vega (Ire) 11/21/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 1 Press Virginia Blame 11/21/18 Blue Mountain Juvenile Fillies S.

2 1 Please Flatter Me Munnings 11/21/18 Fabulous Strike S. 4 1 Midtowncharlybrown Uptowncharlybrown 11/21/18 Zia Park Distaff S. 5 1 Alliford Bay City Zip 11/21/18 Zia Park Sprint S. 7 1 Anyportinastorm City Zip 11/21/18 Zia Park Oaks 9 1 Cosmic Burst Violence 11/21/18 Zia Park Derby 10 1 Nanoosh Paynter 11/19/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 Rocktizway Tizway 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 1 Dream Friend Ghostzapper 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 2 1 Emblazoner Emcee 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 5 1 Sheza Diva Uncle Mo 11/18/18 Allowance 6 Flyoff Get Stormy 11/18/18 New York Stallion Series S. 7 1 Gold for the King Posse 11/18/18 Allowance 3 1 Cathedral Reader Shackleford 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 6 Uncapped First Samurai 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 3 Teacher's Treasure Square Eddie 11/18/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 6 1 Nero Pioneerof the Nile 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 Bob and Jackie Twirling Candy 11/18/18 Cary Grant S. 8 Solid Wager Birdonthewire 11/18/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 10 Chiara Luna War Front 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 2 Amino Pioneerof the Nile 11/18/18 Maiden Special Weight 5 Secret Zar Tapizar 11/18/18 Coronation Futurity 8 1 Avie's Flatter Flatter 11/17/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 3 Satisfy Candy Ride (Arg) 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 Le General Lemon Drop Kid 11/17/18 Allowance 5 Electric Forest Curlin 11/17/18 Red Smith S.

8 1 Village King (Arg) Campanologist 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 6 Troy Ounce Goldencents 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 Harvey Wallbanger Congrats 11/17/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 9 Auspicious Babe Bodemeister 11/17/18 River City H. Misunderstood Archarcharch 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 11 1 Frolic More More Than Ready 11/17/18 Louisiana Legacy S. 8 Cafe Du Monde New Year's Day 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 1 Coliseum Tapit 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 Absolutely Perfect Vronsky 11/17/18 Bob Hope S. 8 1 Mucho Gusto Mucho Macho Man 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 7 Cutting Humor First Samurai 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 1 Souper Escape Medaglia d'Oro 11/17/18 Maiden Special Weight 4 Gates of Dawn Arch 11/17/18 Allowance Optional Claiming 6 Share the Ride Candy Ride (Arg) 11/17/18 Allowance 8 Lucky Lee Flatter 11/17/18 South Ocean S.

UM buddies for life Paul Massard and Chris Nolte took their friendship to another level when the two partnered in a coffee company. While Nolte has the business acumen, Massard is the chief when it comes to producing coffee. The Colombian native travels the world sourcing beans for the fledgling coffee company. His travels take him to Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Brazil, with the coffee expert sometimes buying out an entire farm's crop to make sure there's consistency in the bean. The beans are then roasted at Per'La's facility just south of Coral Gables, and Massard tastes each and every batch.

Cupping each coffee, Massard takes in the liquid with a mighty slurp as if he were born part Hoover. Only after he's perfectly satisfied with a batch will it be bagged and sold to a demanding public. Per'La sells its small-batch, single-origin coffees online and at the weekly Coral Gables Farmers Market for $22 a pound, and the coffees are turning up on Miami restaurant menus more and more frequently. French bakeries tell an unrequited love story.

Customers yearn for their sweet offerings, but the pastries don't return the passion. In fact, they produce a different kind of love — love handles. But that's nothing an oversized shirt and loose pants can't hide. Be sure to wear both at La Boulangerie Boul'Mich, a picture-perfect Miami-based French artisanal bakery spreading its oven lovin' from Key Biscayne to its newest location in Aventura.


There are warm baguettes, chocolate-infused croissants, gourmet empanadas, fresh fruit tarts, and decadent cakes. There's also a full menu that boasts European-inspired dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from classic eggs Benedict ($13.95) to le club ($12.95), a French-style sandwich made with Black Forest ham, roast turkey, Brie, mushrooms, tomatoes, and lettuce. From the City of Lights to the Magic City, there's been no greater love than that of a quality French pastry shop. The patisserie opens its doors to helpless romantics Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. And Sunday from 8 a.m. Think about your happy place. Chances are there's a warm, fluffy bagel somewhere in there, and chances are it's from Mo's in Aventura.

Dania Gio Face A Face For Mac

This spacious eatery serves every Jewish deli staple and boasts some of the softest, tastiest bagels in Miami. Go simple by adding some cream cheese spread to your bagel ($3.99), or get a scoop of tuna salad ($8.99). Other delicious options include the corned beef sandwich ($13.99) and the tuna melt ($14.49). At Mo's, everyone knows your name, but no matter how often you come — there's no way you can try everything on the menu.

Readers' choice: Roasters' n Toasters. Vanessa Diaz and Mariela Maldonado-Keen are purveyors of freshness and all-natural goodness. They are also owners of Brickell Key's beloved juice spot, the Juicery Bar. It was born in 2010 with the idea that healthful food could also taste good, make you feel good, and, most important, be affordable. Six years later, their dream continues to flourish with the help of knowledgeable staff who are equally passionate about healthy living and the desire to build a sense of community. Sip the Fountain of Youth, made with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, and romaine, or the Hulk, prepared with kiwi, kale, blueberry, celery, chlorella, spirulina, pear, and coconut. You'll quickly feel the effects kicking in.

No fad diets, processed sugars, or artificial flavors here. Just fresh, unpasteurized ingredients, made by people who focus on nourishment, education, growth, and the motto they live by: Juicing with a purpose. Visit this cheery health haven Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. And Saturday from 9 a.m.

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