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. Display your gift certificates or gift cards at your front desk. At checkout, customers are more likely to make a gift card purchase. Focus on repeat customers. They love your business and happily share their enthusiasm with friends and family. Use email marketing to get the word out. Track your sales.

  1. Blank Gift Certificate Template Free Download
  1. 6 days ago - Create a Gift Certificate With These Free Templates. Birthday, formal, and blank/basic gift certificate template available for download.
  2. 12+ Blank Gift Certificate Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download! Certificates are no doubt a very important thing. You need them in purposes like certifying a trainee after completion of a course, facilitating a guest of honor or simply a gift certificate.

You’ll need to create a system to track sales and spending for plain paper gift certificates. Square gift card sales automatically show up in all your reporting. Create a creative sales strategy for gift certificates. You can also use gift certificates as prizes in a social media campaign or as rewards in a loyalty program.

Familiarize yourself with your state’s gift card and gift certificate laws. Add any applicable terms to your gifting program.

Free Printable Certificates. 1,904 free certificate designs that you can download and print. Or, download customizable versions for just $5.00 each. Or buy a collection of 1,100 customizable certificates on CD-ROM. Kevin promises: these certificates are unique to this site, I made 'em for you.

Are these gift certificate templates really free? Yes, they really are! Anyone can download our gift certificate templates free of charge. We just need your email to send you special offers related to Square Gift Cards. What does it cost to use Square Gift Cards? Square offers free digital gift cards, which can be purchased and emailed online.

Blank Gift Certificate Template Free Download

Plastic gift cards start at 80¢ per card, with no monthly subscription or redemption fees. Per card pricing varies depending on the quantity ordered. You must accept payments with Square to use, sell, and redeem Square Gift Cards. What’s the difference between Square Gift Cards and these free templates? These free gift certificate templates are just the start.

For fully customizable gift cards you can load, swipe, track, and reload, try Square Gift Cards. See what’s included: Gift Card Feature Square Gift Cards Gift Certificates Boost sales.

Blank Gift Certificate Templates These Blank Gift Certificates are the best buys for some customers at the stores. They have the value limits shown prominently and depending upon one’s budget, the selection becomes easier.

They usually come in 3 or 4 denominations of $10, $ 25 and $ 50. Massage Gift Certificate This certificate will entitle the holder to a $ 50 Discount On hiring our services At (Name of the Salon) You may be interested in our DIY Massage Gift Certificate One does not have to rush anymore to malls and go through the stores for a Massage Gift Certificate. One can sit at home and design the certificate and satisfy his creativity. Even if one is not a designer, anyone can by following simple steps boast of making a Gift Certificate all by himself.

It gives a personal touch too. The first step is to open an online site offering templates for free downloading.

One can then choose banners and frames. If stock pictures are not suitable, one can upload his pictures easily. The texts are editable and customizable. The fonts, colors and the background can be tastefully changed to give a stunning certificate.

All the necessary details like the amount, space for names of recipients and a small message can be filled in without any difficulty. The certificates thus created can be saved and if need arises, changes can be done easily.

They can be printed later as per requirements. A simple Massage Gift Certificate format may just read as: Gift Certificate To. When the design and text are editable, there can be no limit to ideas. A typical Massage Gift Certificate has following text and very little design. Certificate Of a Necessary Massage For. From Two or more checked indicates a massage is a necessity, not a luxury.

I need to think more clearly. I need to be less cranky and upright. My muscles are tight and hurt. I am stressed and I need to improve my immune system.

I am depressed. Printable Massage Gift Certificate Templates Massage Gift Certificate Templates are available online and can be edited and customized to suit personal needs. These can be downloaded and printed at home. That is the kind of convenience one can have in deciding to gift it to someone. One such gift certificate template can have following text. Gift Certificate This Gift Certificate entitles.

For Advanced Massage and Movement This studio is located at Authorized By A different design template shows the benefits of massaging very prominently on the certificate with the name of the parlor and address at the right-hand top corner. “Touch and massage stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.” Massage Gift Certificate Templates These certificate templates are available in hundreds online and they can be easily downloaded and edited to customize them.

Massage parlors can use them for publicity and patrons find it convenient to gift them to friends and relatives. Usually, pictures of clients receiving massage occupy the background. There are many designs to choose.

Some show the back of a person lying on the belly and the fingers of the masseuse doing the job. Some others show rolled towels and other paraphernalia that go with massaging. A typical Massage Gift Certificate Template would read as: Gift Certificate To: From:. Message: Massage Therapy Gift Certificate Template Massage Therapy is now a mainstream treatment after its benefits got confirmed by clinical evidence. It is no surprise that this line of treatment has grown in demand and popularity. Some Massage Therapy Gift Certificate Templates have listed these benefits so that their recipients do not harbor any doubts. One template gives a kind of short lesson on Massage Therapy.

It says – Massage Therapy 7 Health Benefits. Lowers stress. Relaxes and unwinds sore muscles.


Increase circulation. Normalizes blood pressure. Brightens mood. Boosts immune system. Fosters sound sleep There are some graphics and company’s logo tucked in between. Other templates can be downloaded free from Word.

The left side may have a picture of a client lying with her eyes closed and the right side gives the recipient’s name and other details. Check out here. Massage Spa Gift Certificate Template Word If you want to surprise someone you love or your friends, you gift them with Massage Spa Certificate. It is an awesome gift and much-desired. The recipients might be dreaming about it for long but they never spent time or money to turn their dream into reality. For making it possible to happen, Massage Spa Gift Certificate Templates are available free in Word for download. These certificates can be edited and customized with personal messages.

Messages can read “For you to relax, I thought you could spend a day at spa and the bill is on me.” The recipients will not only have a wonderful time to relax but also they would remember the unique gift they got. A few simple Massage Spa Gift Certificate Templates can be viewed below. Spa Gift Certificate To From. Another Massage Spa Gift Certificate has got a slightly different format.

Salon Name or Logo SPA Gift Certificate To Expires From Signature. A Gift of Valid at. All these certificates have some floral designs or an image of a relaxing face.

With such easy access to awesome gifts like Spa Gift Certificate or Massage Gift Certificate, one can relax making them at home and send the recipients to relax at Massage parlors or Spa centers.

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