Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Mac

Upon receiving our BlackBerry Torch 9800 yesterday, we were able to get the new Desktop Manager version along with it. The UI looks a lot better and more like the Mac version so it wasn’t huge for me. Open an Internet browser and navigate to the BlackBerry Software Download website. Click Desktop Software (located to the right).

  1. Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Mac 10.5.8 Download
  2. Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Mac Sierra
  3. Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Macbook

Smartphone has become the need of everyone and having a smartphone of Blackberry may feel you one step ahead of others. So, you own a blackberry smartphone- and you need to connect that phone to computer, a Windows PC. You need to have software which could help you out in figuring out different problems. You want to create a backup of the phone on a computer, want to operate your own using a PC, and want to manage some files and folder swiftly on a computer. Also Check: Blackberry Desktop Software is the application which is used to configure your Blackberry to the Windows computer. By installing this simple to use the application on a computer, you can do anything you want. The application also is known with the name of Blackberry desktop manager, and you can perform various tasks by using this software.

Blackberry official desktop software: This application is developed and released by the Blackberry itself; it is an official application, not third-party software. You can synchronize your mobile phone’s data to your computer. You can take control of your installed apps; manage the contacts and messages with just one tap. The media files, music, contacts, and other stuff can be copied and replaced easily. Backup and restore option of this application is quite impressive, with just one tap, one can back up the entire phone’s data. Synchronize the contacts and other data You’re all contacts, appointments, emails, tasks, calendars and other stuff will be synchronized with Windows apps like Microsoft Outlook, Windows calendar and other apps with IBM lotus note.

You will feel the freedom to have this software installed, having all the files and folder on both sides of the data cable. Backup and restore: Backup and restore is also an impressive feature to this application.

You can have a backup of your phone’s contacts, media files, music and other files. The backup is just one step away from you- one has no need to worry about losing the files. Just grab the application and restore the backup files what you have previously saved on your computer or cloud storage.

Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Mac

There is a wide range of options while back up data of your phone. You can have contacts backup, media files backup, music back up and much more. Import new videos You can sync the videos on your computer, by using the blackberry Media tool.

You even can import new videos and media files to your device, by using this simple to use tool Music Sync: Music Sync allows you to have the audio files and music on your device. The interface of Blackberry Desktop Software is not that impressive. The tool more than often crashes, and making you takes a new start of the activities. So, the officials should take this into notice, and should fix the bugs, and should focus on making the user interface little easier. (Windows & Mac Version).

Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Mac 10.5.8 Download

Many of you commented on my “” post back in April saying “this is great! But what about Mac?” I could not respond to those comments at the time, but I’m happy to say there’s some exciting news we can share with you.

Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Mac Sierra

We have all been hard at work here for a while now, and you may have noticed some Mac support with the version of for Mac back in December. Read on to get the first inside scoop on BlackBerry® Desktop Software that will be coming to Mac in September, and get a first glimpse at a few product screenshots. Here are some key features the initial release will include:. Sync your iTunes® playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks.

Blackberry Desktop Manager Released For Macbook

Add/Remove applications. Update your device when new software becomes available. Backup and restore your device data with such features like automatically scheduled backups and optional encryption (security is #1 as always;)). Manage multiple devices And it will support Mac® OS 10.5.5 and above. Make sure to check out and sign up to get notified when the software is available, and stay tuned for more posts from me here on Inside BlackBerry as we get closer to the release date.

As promised, here are some screenshots (click to enlarge) – let me know what you think! About Andrey F. Andrey started with Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 as an intern, and recently joined the handheld software product management team in 2008. Andrey's focus is on the overall direction for desktop software.


He spends most of his time identifying customer needs and working with various development teams to come up with new and exciting ways to extend the magic of the BlackBerry® experience to the desktop. Andrey hopes this blog will allow him to share his passion and knowledge about BlackBerry with readers.

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