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Do you love music? Do you have a friend or Family member who is going to be a music composer?

Then this is the article you need. If you are looking for a music composer career in the Music industry you will definitely need to compose some quality music by yourself. Composing music needs a good composing environment and a great beat Making Software with some creativity. There are many beat making software which is available for paid and free. Most of the paid versions have a good environment for music with support for editing, compressing, mixing and what not. But some people cannot afford those costly, premium beat making software. For all those people there is also some free beat making software available in the market which is nowhere lesser than the paid software on the market.

Most of this Free Beat Making Softwares are available for both the Windows and Mac, so you don’t need to bother about your platform. This beat making software is easy to use with tons of customization options which helps you to create some quality music. Also, they are coming with some predefined sample music which is a killer thing while getting started with the composing environment.

You can tinker with this sample music and create your own beats as well. So why are you waiting? Read this complete article, choose the software which fits you and creates some cool unique music. Without wasting any more time, let us look at the Best Free Beat Making Softwares list.

NOTE: All the software in this list is equally functional and rich with features. You can select random software in this list and test with your creativity. If you are not satisfied with one don’t be lazy to try another. FL STUDIO FL Studio is the complete pro package for beginners which have all the necessary features required to create some quality beats. It is the recommended software if you’re completely new to making beats / composing music because this FL Studio has very simple User Interface. You can easily record, edit, mix and change your file formats easily with this application. It has many features like copy & paste, equalizer and many other which makes your composing experience whole lot better.

It has also many inbuilt tools available to customize your music track and to enhance your composing skill. FL Studio is the one which offers a fully functional composing environment for free. It is available for both Windows and Mac. It requires some decent amount of performance from your CPU. You can download this FL Studio from their official website which is linked down below. The size of this FL STUDIO will be 680 MB. DOWNLOAD LINK: Also Check MAGIX MUSIC PLAYER It is an another recommended beat making software for beginners.

Magix music player has very interactive and cool UI, Thus making the process super easier. If you cannot afford some quality tools for composing beats on your own, just download this Magix Music Player and you are ready to go. It is one of the premium beat making software which is available for free. Does it have a wide variety of sound libraries, samples, NCS and what not? It has some cool inbuilt tools which help to create your super cool unique beat track.

Magix Music Player is also a lite weight software which runs on almost any computer with even 2Gb of RAM. So why are you waiting for?

Head over to their official website which is linked down below and create some quality music. DOWNLOAD LINK: Also Check MUSESCORE If you have some experience of beat making software and need some amazing professional features in your environment you can definitely check this out. But for all newbie out there, you will find some difficulties while using this application. If you get used to it you will find many more cool features that you can get only with some highly premium software. It looks simple but it getting used to it is somewhat difficult than you think.


We recommend to get the basics from other beat making software and then come to this application. You will get tons of effects and customization for your tracks. Musescore available for both Windows and iOS. You can download it for free from their official website.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Also see- ORDRUM BOX It is another free software which let you create some amazing beats and tracks for free. It has almost every features that other applications have but have nothing new or unique. Its user interface has some dark theme which is a favorite for people like me.

It doesn’t have unique features means it is not capable software it has each and every effect the premium software have. If you have some creativity you can create some fantastic tracks with this application. It has powerful acceleration engine which let you change the music type and many other inbuilt settings as well. You can get fluid experience while changing the effects in tracks and undo it as well. Also, it packs with a very simple interface to export your audio in different formats like.mp3,.wmv, etc. You can download this Ordrum box software for both Windows and Mac from their official website.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Also See- LMMS LMMS has their own sort of instrumental music in their databases which you can use in your own project. LMMS has a very simple user interface which helps you to create good beats without even customise many things. As I told earlier, it has tons of preset tracks which you can edit and add effects on your own taste and make them a bit more interesting. You can experiment a whole lot of things using this LMMS software in your track. It allows you to record, edit, mix and more. If you are on tight budget or not want to spend money on software but want some quality environment to mix and create your tracks, LMMS is the place. You can download this application for absolutely free (Sign up may require) for both windows and mac from their official website which is linked down below.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Also Check- HYDROGEN Hydrogen has a cool looking and intuitive interface in this list. Also, you can understand and implement things easily in this Hydrogen software. It offers you many shortcuts for your major effects and edits. It allows you to complete things in a faster manner. It is a very powerful tool where you can modify each and every small thing in your track as well. You can mix tracks and add effect on them to get your dream beat.

Exporting your edited or created track is also super simple with this Hydrogen beat making software. As every software, it is available on both Windows and Mac platform and you can download it for free from their official website which is noted down below. DOWNLOAD LINK: HAMMERHEAD RHYTHM STATION It is another great option for all type of people. All type of people means if you are a newbie you love this Hammerhead Rhythm Station application; Also, if you are a professional you also find this software helpful. It has overly skinned user interface but it gets the job done. It is fast for most of the scenarios. Hammerhead Rhythm Station has many cool features which make you create some quality and amazing music.

It has many inbuilt tracks which let you compose super cool beats. You can also include some third party plugins with this application as well.

You can easily export the created beat in your desired file format. You can download this software for both Windows and Mac from their official website. DOWNLOAD LINK: MUSINK LITE Musink Lite is most under-rated software in this free beat making software list. It has very minimal user interface than any other software. Musink packs with their own tutorials with this software.

You can use their help menu to find some cool tutorials. It allows you to create your desired beats effortlessly. Seriously speaking, you can compose your music with some mouse clicks or some keyboard strokes like editing a document. How easy is it? Also, you can zoom in and zoom out to make the beat like you want and apply the effect in some required positions. You will select any of the software but do try this Musink lite it will not waste your time. You can also complete your beats, you can export it in many formats like.mp3,.aac,.wav, etc including.mid.

Musink lite is only available for windows platform. Mac user sorry for this. You can download this software for free form their official link down below. Musink also offers you the pro version which is priced at $60 and provides extended features and support for your lifetime. DOWNLOAD LINK: Final Words Hope you like this Best Free Beat Making Software, if you do share this article with your music enthusiast. Also, comment your favorite beat making software and its feature in the comment section.

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Just can’t wait to start making music? And do you want to know what music making software to use?


Now you can make your own music using your PC or Mac even if you are a beginner. And if you want to make a song online this is the best beat making software for you to make rap, hip hop, dubstep, tehno, disco or house music. Many great artists started this way before they had a real band and uploaded their videos on the YouTube, and they even use these softwares today because a great idea may come from the click of a mouse or the tweaking of a sound. All for a price which isn’t even a tenth of a software which does the same but costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Making your own music from home, all you truly need is a computer, although, you may have want to have some best speakers linked to it. The beat maker’s is very user-friendly and cost-friendly that can simply follow your instructions, and the first time you try the music creator, you definitely like it.

Some of the famous music producing programs are described below. Best Music Production Software 2018. One of these beat making software programs is Dr. This is a software which you can use and start making music instantly. It is mainly designed for beginners, although it can be used by pros as easily.

It is amazing what it can do, in spite of its apparent simplicity and ease of use. If you have a beat in your head and want to make it music for the others, Dr. Drum is the software you should purchase, because it gives you instant access to your creativity and the possibility to make it come true true music. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and make people notice you? Here’s how you can. Drum, the new beat making software for both MAC and PC will help you create astounding sounds that will sound amazing when listened to. With this music program for beginners you can create rap, hip hop, dubstep, house, dance beats.

Best Beat Making Software For Mac

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