Bastron Mk75 Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gaming Keyboard

  1. Bastron Mk75 Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gaming Keyboard
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United Arab Emirates. A keyboard is an important accessory that we use with computers and laptops. It is almost like a typewriter that is used along with an optical mouse for communication and other tasks. Currently, the wireless keyboard is trending and these come in various designs and with advanced specifications.

Several varieties of wireless keyboards are available and some of these include the Arabic keyboard, ergonomic keyboard, gaming keyboards, Bluetooth Keyboard, Water proof keyboard, wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as the keyboard for laptop. With so many options available, customers can choose any wireless keyboard from their favorite brands at a budget price. Some of the top brands that offer computer keyboard in UAE include Microsoft keyboard, Logitech wireless keyboard, Intex, Dell, Apple, Sony, RAPOO, Astrum, Meetion and many more. If you are planning to buy a wireless keyboard in UAE, we can help you find the computer keyboard that fits your needs Look for different varieties of wireless keyboards like the slim body, space-saving design, touch and palm rest features to name a few. Most of the latest Arabic keyboards are also available with advanced specifications, minimalist design, and better typing efficiency. Explore the different types of wireless keyboards in UAE and buy the best suitable one at an affordable price.

They say when you get a mechanical keyboard you never go back. Well I got a mechanical keyboard for my iPad and phone. The Bastron MK75 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard box simply comes with the keyboard itself, a small phillips head screwdriver, a 2.4 ghz dongle and a user manual. You will find a better manual on their site. Consider it a 'quick start' guide with broken English. The keyboard is straight forward with the keyboard itself and a gap for your mobile devices.

It's wide enough to hold any phone or tablet on the market barring having one of those large after market batteries. How thick your device is will affect how straight or laid back your device is. With the 4 AA batteries it requires, it's pretty hefty, there is flex but over all feels pretty sturdy and not cheap. You have a 75 key layout which makes it just the right size for larger tablets you can see how my ipad pro 12 inch fits in there. Some users may be annoyed by the lack of dedicated arrow keys. You can press function on 'WASD' for that functionality or simply touch since you are using a touch device or use the included mouse. Gamers might be used to that but they won't be used to the input lag which makes it unsuitable for gaming.

The design is very clean and this can be portable in a backpack or large purse. This keyboard has 3 bluetooth channels you can use to quickly switch through synced devices. As well as backlight you can use at the press of a button.

This backlight is very dim but not hard on battery life. At the bottom are small rubber feet you can use to adjust the keyboard. The switches are chinese clones of Cherry MX blues. Clicky, tactile, loud.

Bastron Mk75 Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Heaps of rattle. You'll be wanting to use this in an office ALONE.

If not then don't even consider this keyboard. I like blue switches, I have them in my, my (Wooting One) but this is the loudest keyboard I've ever used.


I've heard it while traveling with it in the bag. It's really only suitable at home and in secluded areas. Another problem is there's no way to turn it off. So if you have it in a bag and the keys are pressed that's draining your battery, you will then need a screwdriver to replace.

Internally everything is solid the only marks being taken off for the plastic design which is understandable for weight. But at the end of the day we're talking about $50 for a loud, power hungry mechanical keyboard for your phone or tablet. There's quieter and more convenient keyboards and cases for these devices like the smart keyboard case for iPad.

Bastrop Mk75 Mechanical Keyboard Wireless Gaming Keyboard

I couldn't recommend this to someone that needs a keyboard at their whim at all time vs available keyboard covers, type covers and even better mechanical bluetooth keyboards not to mention non-mechanical wireless that are all superior options. This device becomes very niche. So I'm going to suggest you pass on this unless you're willing and ready to deal with a loud, power hungry inconvenient keyboard that admittedly did get the keyboard part down right.

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