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  1. Basilisk Ii Re: B2-devel Fixes For Basilisk Ii And Sheepshaver For Mac

Download Basilisk II Precompiled binaries. For announcements of prebuilt binaries for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, head over to the E-Maculation Forums. Other prepackaged versions of Basilisk II that I am aware of.

Basilisk Ii Re: B2-devel Fixes For Basilisk Ii And Sheepshaver For Mac

Re:Basilisk Ii Re: [b2-devel Fixes For Basiliskii And Sheepshaver For Mac

Computer emulators have been a thing for quite a while on portable devices but they are rarely useful enough like say, console emulators. Most of them are quite clunky, slow and overall painful to use and that was true for some 90s computer emulators on the PSP such as Bochs which was nothing more than a Proof Of Concept. The main choice for 90s computers was between two giants, Apple and Windows computers. You had DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98 and ME via DosBox 0.74 and System 7/7.1 and MacOS 7.5/7.6/8.0/8.1 via Basilisk II. While many people have fond memories of their old Windows games, DosBox on PSP barely booted Windows 9x let alone run fast enough to even play the most basic of games such as Hover!

(a game that was bundled on the Windows 95 CD). DosBox on PSP was a tad clunky to use when it came to keyboard input and it had one big flaw with Windows 9x; anything written to disk wasn’t saved after quitting DosBox so it made doing anything on Windows 9x purely useless as it disappeared next time you used it on your PSP. While DOS emulation was pretty decent with a mouse-enabled shell, it still proved to be a tad clunky because of hard to use keyboard input and the fact that the iconic DOS 640×480 resolution didn’t really scale very nicely on the PSP’s screen (480×272). On the other side, there was Basilisk II.

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A less well-known emulator for a slightly less popular platform (68k macs) that still had a lot of software back then. The emulator can even benefit from the added RAM and TV-Out on the PSP slim and newer models along with being able to use IR keyboards that are compatible with the PSP Phat. Of course, the emulator also has sound support and a UDP tunnel for Appletalk over WiFi which probably makes it the beefiest PSP computer emulator out there and the UI it is bundled with makes it extremely simple to configure the settings. Nowadays, Basilisk II can be enjoyed on any PSP as it works correctly on CFW 6.61 and even on Adrenaline 6.61 on the PSVita. Maybe one day we’ll get a native port of it on the PS Vita (and maybe even SheepShaver which is kind of wishful thinking) Download link: (link copied from a /talk post: ) Link to set it up on Windows (just copy files over): Image source: E-maculation and Low End Mac via Google Images.

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