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UK's most popular fixing mists, from MAC to Urban Decay and NYX to l'oreal. High tech ingredients keep foundation and eye makeup in place, with no. If you can't afford an Urban Decay Setting Spray, this is a pretty great dupe.' Whilst it felt a little bit OTT using a 'primer mist', I can't deny that it gave. Find great deals on eBay for avon eye primer. Shop with confidence.

NARS blush is another holy grail makeup item for many ”” it's kind of the 'Traveling Pants' of blushes, in that it looks amazing on nearly everyone's face regardless of skin tone. Unfortunately, that kind of magic usually comes at a price, and you can expect to shell out about $30. However, the drugstore brand Milani offers a for under $10 that possesses the same miracle qualities.


Makeup artists recommend both Dolce Pink and Luminoso as dupes for the NARS Orgasm color, but at that price you can afford to get both and see which one works better for you! The Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes are yet another holy grail item for many lovers of makeup. They come in 3 different combinations (appropriately named Naked 1, Naked 2 and Naked 3), all of which provide great coverage and high pigmentation that look amazing on basically everyone. But before you shell out $53 for the Urban Decay palette, check out Makeup Revolution's palette which costs just a little over $6.

As you can see in the picture above, the individual colors are pretty much identical and some even found the Iconic 3 shadows to be more pigmented than their high-end counterparts. As we enter the fall season, matte lipsticks are a must. The MAC has a huge selection of colors, all of which offer a suede-like finish and impressive staying power.as well as an impressive cost of $17 apiece. For the cost of one tube of MAC matte lipstick, you could go into your local Walgreens and buy 8 tubes of Wet n Wild's which retail for a mere $2 each! Some of the colors are even exact matches ”” in this picture you can see the similarity between the MegaLast in Think Pink and MAC's Angel.


Let me first of all apologise for the Avon overload on the blog but it’s products that I just have to share with you guys before the really really really hot weather hits us this summer and you want your makeup to last all day. If you have extremely oily eyelids like me that basically eats your eyeshadows then today’s post is exactly what you NEED.

This would be a good affordable dupe for MAC’s Soft Ochre paint pot which is a holy grail item on all my favourite Youtuber’s channels. So I spotted this eyeshadow primer in last month’s brochure and I knew that I absolutely had to have it. For some reason I always skipped pass it but with me practicing with eyeshadow more and more, I decided to pop it onto my list and paid round about R69,99 for it. I chose the shade light beige as I felt that it would make the perfect base for both my lighter and darker shades. I have to mention though that the pot feels quite heavy in the box but only to discover that you receive more jar than product. When using it you require the tiniest amount of product as the primer spreads across the lid quite easily and sets into the eyelid effortlessly.

When I apply this I prefer using my fingers as apposed to a brush because the heat of my fingers makes application a breeze and also less product wastage. I wait a few seconds for the product to dry down completely and then to make my eyeshadow last even longer I would take my setting powder and lightly dust it onto my lids. I can honestly say that my eyeshadow stayed put on my lids all day. I’m pretty sure it can’t be compared to MAC’s Soft Ochre paint pot but considering the price it does quite an incredible job. My eyeshadows didn’t crease at all and glitter shadows with a little fallout worked even better with it. I did swatches with a brush because I feel that it is a better representation of how an eyeshadow works and above, the swatches of both the liner and the eyeshadow on the left are with the primer. When using any type of liner I would suggest waiting until the primer dries down completely and then setting it or else the product moves and slides around.

Makeup Forever Primer Dupe

Would I repurchase this primer? It really is worth the price and it’s definitely going to be a staple in my makeup bag come hot summer Cape own days! All information, photographs and headers on this blog are for informational/comment purposes only. Most of the pictures on my blog are my own but as seen some pictures are downloaded so I’m taking no credit for it. All reviews and opinions on my blog are entirely my own and I don’t post negative reviews or bad experiences on my blog as it would just take up space and my time. I am in no way affiliated with the brands I blog about (unless stated). Please don’t copy/take any pictures and content from my blog without my permission.

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Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Dupe

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