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Atmonitor mac os

The free software for Mac: atMonitor will help you handle all this works. AtMonitor can monitor all system properties and then display them on the desktop with a cool appearance. In the atMonitor window, you can find all system properties include RAM storage, CPU performance, hard disk volume, processes or data flow. Aug 20, 2012 - atMonitor is the most advanced Mac OS X system monitor and process explorer utility. Data is collected and displayed in the 'Activity Viewer',.

Download the latest version of atMonitor 2.8b - System monitoring software tracks CPU, RAM, GPU, VRAM, FPS, more. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate Download, install, or update atMonitor for Mac from MacUpdate.

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Atmonitor Mac Alternative

Here’s my choice for freeware of the day. It’s my favorite freeware — actually, it’s donationware if you want to be strict about it. This tool lets me get a quick and deep view of the state of my Mac systems. The atMonitor tool displays vital statistics in the menu bar in Mac OS X.

It shows CPU and GPU loads, memory and virtual memory use, disk and network I/O, CPU and GPU temperatures and even frames-per-second (FPS) graphics performance. I run it on all my Mac OS systems. I use it to check to see if Firefox is yet again using up too much CPU — or to check if some application is using my network.

Atmonitor Mac Os

If my system is sluggish, this is my first tool I use to get a handle on where the problem lies. Beyond performance, atMonitor also gives you detail on system configuration such as current IP addresses and active processes. That’s useful.

Best Monitors For Apple Laptops

Check out advanced features like Purge Memory. AtMonitor is highly customizable. Display information in a floating window or the menu bar, select specific aspects of the system to examine and fine tune the presentation of information for each component.

Monitor For Macbook

I have used atMonitor for a while and I haven’t noticed it draining system resources or depleting my laptop’s battery. I highly recommend it for any Mac user who is curious about what their system is up to.

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