Atc Simulator For Mac

Atc simulator free download - X-Plane, YS Flight Simulator, Tactical Air Combat Simulator (TACS), and many more programs.

Play being an Air Traffic Controller on your Mac with APPControl HD! You can even hear the readbacks from the pilots Direct approaching and departing aircraft at 200+ real life airports. Do you have what it takes to keep an orderly flow of traffic? Clear aircraft to the correct altitude, heading and speed to keep them separated from each other and have them reaching their exit point or final approach fix at the requested altitude. This realistic game reproduces many features of real Air Traffic Control systems:.

various label schemes. speed vector. short term conflict alerts You can also give it a try with the, which contains only two airports and the 25 aircraft mode.

If you are a past, present, or future controller come on in! A couple of rules- 1-1-1. Please no front-page posts relating to the hiring process. If you have questions regarding the US hiring process, please start by visiting This is an extremely comprehensive FAQ that has much more information than we can give you here. We will be starting a megathread for people to discuss hiring-related questions, and related discussions will be re-directed there. Please post questions and discussions relating to ALL countries' hiring in the thread, as we are trying to avoid the front page from becoming a list of 'has anyone heard anything?'

Atc Simulator For Mac

Discussions about AT-SA, MMPI, TOLs, bids, OKC Academy, OKC lodging, etc ALL belong in the megathread and front-page threads about these subjects will be removed. Absolutely no personal information. Personal information will be removed and could lead to a ban. This includes but is not limited to names, nicknames, and operating initials. Be respectful, kind, and polite.

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If you post one, it will go directly to spam. Controllers on this subreddit do not speak on behalf of any agency nor organization. This is simply a collection of controllers from all over the world who are discussing aspects of their career, and nothing said here should be interpreted as being any agency's official stance. Please flair your posts. This helps other redditors see what they want. Finally, enjoy the sub.

Atc Simulator For Mac

It was made by controllers, for controllers. Want to sort by flairs? Just click the links below! Join us in the IRC chat! You can use your favorite client with the following server info-, #airtraffic Or you can click Check out these other awesome subreddits! ATC References: (This is US ATC information, as the mods are from the US and it's what we're familiar with. If you would like to display references from your country, send us a note and we'd be glad to link to it as well).

Unless you're willing to shell out over $100,000 you won't be able to get one that is a 'standalone, powerful' simulator like the ones CTI schools use. Even when they buy it, they are really paying that much more than that and it's mostly for the software, not the hardware. So the online games are all of us are going to use. However, for the iPad (I know you said mac, but in case you're an Apple lover) there is a good voice rec app called 'ATC Voice.' It's 20 bucks, but if you go he has a weekly drawing that allows you to download the $20 program for free. Not many people enter it so you have a high chance of winning it! Hope this helps!

I have not heard of any standalone systems for that, just the web-based ones you have mentioned. Are you a CTI student? If so, I'd recommend you ask your instructors. I honestly doubt you will find one. In my opinion ATC applicants are way too much of a niche market for a software developer to bother marketing to. When I was in CTI school the instructors allowed students to use the lab whenever they wanted as long as no classes were in session. I definitely remember staying until 10pm running problems many nights as long as I could find a partner.

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