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I have microsoft Office 2011 for MacBook Pro. I'm using Excel and I need to find the option tab, someone please help.

Have some experience with Excel and want to improve your skills, or taken our Basic Excel for Mac course? This online course will help you learn intermediate and advanced Excel techniques. Supports Excel for Mac 2016. Also available:. In 25 engaging lessons you will learn how to find a value with VLOOKUP, create and format Pivot Tables, record basic Macros and more. Whether you use Excel for work or study, these tutorials will help you on your journey to becoming an Excel Ninja! Learn more about how a GoSkills can boost your career.

Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Excel for Mac 2016. Want to be a more efficient Excel user?

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Start learning 200 of the best for PC and Mac. Once enrolled, our friendly support team and tutors are with any course related inquiries. Formula Auditing Learn to work with formula auditing tools including tracing precedent and dependent cells and formula evaluation. Temporal Functions Learn to work with the EOMONTH and EDATE functions that easily shift dates from one month or year to another. VLOOKUP with Approximate Match Learn to use VLOOKUP to find an approximate match and return it or the corresponding value from another column. VLOOKUP with Exact Match Learn to use VLOOKUP to find an exact match and return it or the corresponding value from another column. Other Lookup Methods Learn to work with INDEX, MATCH and HLOOKUP, as alternatives to the VLOOKUP function.

Excel 2011 For Mac Tutorial

Outlining Learn about adding and working with Excel’s outlining tools to quickly hide irrelevant sections of your worksheet. Custom Number Formats Learn to build your own custom number formats to display dates, values and variances how you want to see them. Conditional Formats with Built-In Rules Learn to create top/bottom and highlight cell rules, as well as to apply icon sets and data bars. Conditional Formats with Custom Rules Learn to create custom conditional formatting rules based on formulas. Building Combination Line and Area Charts When you want to graph 3 line series, but only want 2 in focus most of the time.

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